My Online Psychic Advice

When booking an appointment for my Online Psychic Advice and Coaching you can request a specific focus for my ForeSeeingFutures™ and TarotVision™ clairvoyant readings as well as my Life Wizardry Coaching™ based on the following specialties:

My Online Psychic Advice and Coaching

General Psychic Reading

  • Ideal for you if you have some specific questions about present and/or future outcomes you would like me to focus upon.

Love and Relationships Reading

  • If you have matters of the heart to focus on this is the consultation for you. Romance is very emotional and I can hone my clairvoyant perception to ascertain potentials, directions, outcomes, conflicts, and answer questions while tuning into you as well as significant others. The rocky road of soul mate / twin flame relationships usually calls for extra care.

Spiritual Psychic Reading

  • If you are looking for personal empowerment via a divine connection between you and your reader this will be the focus to choose. You will receive more information related to options for YOU to consider. This is a stronger level of guidance for clients who are more interested in driving their future rather than just looking at their future. As I have followed a spiritual life path into the mystic for the last 35 years I can coach and guide from my own deep and personal experience.

Work and Career Reading

  • If you are looking for guidance regarding your work life, and have career decisions to make, the this type of insight can be very valuable.

Corporate Clairvoyant Reading

  • Corporate Clairvoyance is my business psychic advisory service for entrepreneurs. If this is new to you, just take a moment to consider what a difference some ForeSeeingFutures™ of a commercial nature could make.

Life Wizardry Coaching

  • These sessions are geared towards living a life with the Wizardry I have discovered and used in my own mystic path. Law of Attraction and Affirmations have long been known as The Secret to a fulfilled life. When mixed with my sixth sense twists you will find the secret element that has been missed by the masses. Based upon the work in my forthcoming book “Sixth Sense Success” I can provide you with advanced training on how to turn your goals into accurate future predictions. Use my coaching to gain an intuitive edge in life. Life Wizardry is suitable for individuals as well as corporate clients.

I provide my Online Psychic Service internationally via Phone and Skype and Email. Locally in person via my mobile psychic service in Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Corporate engagements can be arranged for all capital cities in Australia.  

My Online Psychic Advice and Coaching

How to book a clairvoyant coaching consultation with me using Skype or Phone

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*If for any reason you feel that your session with me does not resonate with you then I will promptly refund your payment in full. 

In proceeding with this Psychic Service you are agreeing to my Psychic Reading Release, and Terms of Service

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