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Psychic WIKI = What I Know about [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]in the psychic realm Is . . . . . . . . .

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What are some ideas you can write about?

Let’s break down the title of this page The Psychic Wiki 

WIKI = What I Know Is. So what do you know about . . . The Psychic Realm? This can include anything from Afterlife Communication to Zen Mind and everything in between: Auras, Cartomancy, Clairvoyance, Divination, ESP, Ghosts, Mediumship, Numerology, Ouija, Past Lives, Palm Reading, Reiki, Runes, Scrying, Tarot, Telepathy, as so on . . . 

Who wants to write for the Psychic WIKI? 

  1. You are passionate about a specific psychic phenomenon and you want to share – “What I Know [about ___] Is”
  2. You have had a spooky experience. And from that you can share your story as “What I Know [about ___] Is”
  3. You have had good experiences with a certain psychic and you would like to leave an accurate review. “What I Know [about ___] Is”
  4. You are a psychic reader and you would like to position yourself as an expert. Share it here “What I Know [about ___] Is”
  5. You are a gifted writer and would love to write for just because you can. OK then “What I Know [about ___] Is”
Psychic Wiki

Wiki Guidelines

  • Do not stuff keywords into your post. If you have a keyword you want to use put it in your headline and place it in your content in a natural flow. 
  • Be concise. That means 400 to 500 words is perfect.
  • Be rich. Write your content richly and give freely of your knowledge and expertise. 
  • Start strong. Open your first paragraph with oomph!
  • Research your subject. Especially if you suffer writers block. Reading other related content can inspire you to share your own point of view.
  • Do NOT plagiarise the content of others. When checked if your post is already on another site it will not be accepted. Duplicate content is a no-no.
  • Add an image or two. An image helps the social sharing of your page.
  • Reviews should be positive and accurate. This is not the place to anonymously slander anyone you hold a grievance for. Anyone can agree or disagree with a review if they have cause by leaving comments on the review page.
  • If you want to advertise remember - free advertising is not really free. You are paying for your advertorial in writing skill.
  • No Verbal Sales Vomit. If you are writing an advertorial, know that 70% article and 30% advertisement is the golden rule and 90%/10% is even better. If you just puke your sales message all over the page, anyone reading it will click away quicker than you can say “Buy Now!”
  • Include your contact details if you would like people to be able to get back to you. Your Website is the best point of contact if you have one. Email should be spam-bot proofed by leaving the spaces between [yourname @ emailservice .whatever] (If you post your email on any webpage in full you WILL get spammed – forever!). If you want to leave a phone number, remember to place your country code. (People from all corners of the web visit this site)

What I Know Is . . .

Want to help others? Share a secret? Show off your psychic knowledge? Provide an accurate review? This is the place to share it.

Published Contributions to the Psychic WIKI

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Have you spotted the ESP-888 rego plates on my car? I’m often asked what ESP-888 stands for so here are some of the reasons I came up with this combination. …

Experiences with Ghosts and Spirits 
I have lots of ghost stories to share with you! SEEING / SENSING SPIRITS. It runs in the family- I was born into a family of clairvoyants and mediums. …

Schumann Resonance 
The Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz is the same as the brain wave frequency for Psychic Resonance. Did you know it is possible to sync your brain with …

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Five Famous Mediums - A list of the 5 psychic mediums who are now famous published authors.

How to Work as a Psychic Reader - Here are some simple start-up tips.

All 78 Tarot Keywords - A list of catchwords for each card for easy self-divination.

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