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Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? It's the point when you're faced with two opposing solutions to a problem and each of these roads has a very different outcome. 

Sometimes, you get a small voice inside telling you which path to take, but your logic tells you differently. It's a battle going on in your head and deciding which is the best can be overwhelming. Which of those voices is right? Do either of them provide the correct answer? You may be in anguish for days trying to interpret the answer to insure you've made the right decision.

The problem comes with our training to choose logic over feeling. Throughout life you were always asked the reason you picked a path or answer. No matter what type of mathematics you study, proving your answer with logic and rules is actually more important than the answer itself. It's no wonder the logical voice is often the loudest. To make matters even more difficult, you may have an entire cheering section of other voices chiming in with supportive or cruel remarks. “You'll know the right path.” “You'll mess up like you always do.” “Hurry up and decide, don't take forever.” The remarks are endless and varied. Some of those on the sidelines, the cheering section, sound remarkably like things family and friends might say. The decision on which voice to follow becomes even more murky and confusing.

At this point, seeking outside help to find the answer may be your best solution, particularly when the path you take is life altering. Those voices from the cheering section are probably words you've heard in the past. They're the emotional part of your brain responding to the situation at hand and often responses from others that created an emotional impact in the past. Now you have logic, emotion and intuition all jumbled together, making it almost impossible to divine the answer that is the best. Only one or perhaps none of those voices is correct or comes from a source that is all seeing.

Three main avenues of online psychic advice are:

1 - Prediction

  • Predictions can present practical possibilities and time frames of future events.

2 - Divination

  • Divination for guidance can expand our options when tough choices are in front of us.

3 - Evidential Mediumistic Communication

  • Mediumistic Communication with spirits of the dead can bring comfort and relief to friends and relatives. Evidential connections reassure us of the presence of an afterlife. 

Psychic guidance from an outside source is more detached even though it comes from a loving source. The person providing their Extra Sensory Perceptions has none of the emotional involvement that you often hear repeated in your head. That person has discovered their gift and honed it to clear away the clutter and hear the message from a higher power that has no time or space restriction. What may not seem logical at first, ends up to be the right choice once all the facts that aren't available at this moment are considered.

Choosing psychic guidance for any problem that has multiple solutions or diverse answers can help you solve the puzzle that weighs on your mind. It can help when logic tells you to move in one direction, but your gut tells you to go in another. It brings relief and saves your mental energy for the journey ahead. Getting help can provide the calming factor that allows you to proceed, knowing you've made the correct move. That calm reassurance can make the difference between success and failure on any venture in life, whether it's love, career or choosing a new place to live.

Of course there are caveats.

TarotVision.com Online Psychic Advice is: for entertainment, education, inspirational, coaching and spiritual purposes.

TarotVision.com Online Psychic Advice is NOT: for medical, financial, psychological, legal, or any other type of licensed advice.

Popular Channels For Online Psychic Advice

Psychic Love TarotVisionTarotVision™ by Ian Parkin

Tarot Readings

Psychic Readings

Clairvoyant Readings

Astrology and Horoscope Readings

Numerology Readings

Oracle Fortune Telling Readings

Psychic Portals

TarotVision™ Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

In Tarot based Psychic Readings, as in my own TarotVision brand of consultation, the imagery found in a deck of Tarot cards is used to connect with the spiritual realms for Online Psychic Advice and guidance for a client.

These reading are very different from a ‘by the book’ reader. A session with a person who memorizes set meanings for each card, although sometimes quite fascinating, is in no way an extra-sensitive reading. You may as well buy a deck with companion book of meanings and spreads and consult those cards yourself.

In performing professional TarotVision™ readings since the early 1980s I have yet to study a book of meanings and spreads.

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Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

While psychic readings can include all of the aspects below, most commonly they are clairvoyants (extra-sensory vision), clairsentients (extra-sensory feelings), and Clairaudients (extra-sensory hearing). Some like to use a crystal ball. The ball is simply a place to focus the physical eyes, while the mind’s eye is engaged.  

A big section of this community are mediums. Some mediums communicate with dearly departed loved ones to seek advice and guidance for you.

Other mediums act as channels to higher spiritual realms to convey a completely different type of online psychic advice to their clients. I’ve always been fascinated by this but alas mediumship is not an element of my own repertoire.

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Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyants are indeed extra-sensitives. The word originates from two French word meaning Clear Seeing. In clairvoyant readings your psychic will ‘see’ with the mind’s eye (often called the Third Eye).

This ability to know things far removed from normal sensory perception is usually performed by interpreting various symbols appearing in the mind’s eye. These interpretations can be related to past, future and present events.

I clairvoyantly interpret imagery from the cards and the symbols in the mind’s eye in my TarotVision™ online psychic advice and coaching.

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Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology Readings

There are some extra-sensitive astrologers but most are purely technical astrologers.

An astrologer draws up a chart based on the time, date, and place of your birth. The more precise you are with these factors the more precision can be found in your chart. An astrologer then calculates and predicts present and future events based on your chart and the position of stars and planets in the cosmos.

An astrologer with psychic vision sees more than the information in the charts, a technical astrologer does not.

Astrology is at the root of horoscope readings. Your sun sign is used in a general way to formulate predictions.

Behind each zodiac sign lays a mythical story. These stories heavily influence the popular horoscopes used in daily, weekly and annual forecasts. 

I’m yet to find anything ‘psychic’ in a horoscope. Yet our horoscopes remain one of the most entertaining and sought after forms of fortune telling.

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Numerology Readings

Numerology Readings

Psychics often use numerology, but numerologists are not necessarily psychic.

Numerology has similarities with astrology, but in this field numbers are associated to your name and date of birth and those numbers are calculated and used to predict certain traits that can help or hinder you in present and future events.

Many believe Pythagoras is the father of Numerology, although the name itself can not be traced back before 1907 in the English language. Pythagorean thought was that all things had secret numerical relationships. These secrets where divined for guidance and insight as far back as 500 BC.

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Oracle Fortune Telling Readings

Oracle Readings

Fortune Telling is a rather generic term used in our predictive world these days. While clairvoyants tell fortunes when giving online psychic advice about the future, entertainers and fairground amusements also spruik fortune in good measure. On the whole, fortune telling psychics focus on more simplistic readings for the not-so-spiritually minded.

There are many oracles used by advisors in their psychic readings. As I use the imagery of the cards in my TarotVision™ psychic readings, others have their own leanings to the various oracles for use as aids in their sessions. However, the majority of Oracle readers are not extra-sensitives. They study the meanings of the various oracles and then regurgitate messages from those set meanings.

Some of the more popular oracles are: 

  • Oracle card decks come in many forms. You can pretty much gather a set of images in any niche and assign meanings to each and you have an oracle deck.
  • Cartomancy cards - regular playing cards assigned meanings and used in fortune telling.  
  • Runes - stones engraved with the letters of an ancient Scandinavian alphabet, then cast on a table or casting cloth. Each rune has a set meaning.
  • Tarot - is an oracle when used in spreads and ‘by the book’ of meanings.
  • I-Ching - is a book of meanings assigned to trigrams and hexagrams (a set of three or six whole or broken lines). In this ancient Chinese oracle head/tail coins or small wooden sticks are cast and read according to the set meanings they associate to.
  • Palmistry - by looking at the lines of the palms of your hand, then associating them to the meanings of each line, a reading can be undertaken depending on the strength and length of each line. 

The oracles mentioned above are easy and popular tools for self-read fortune telling. Horoscopes top the popularity list in fortune telling and the Magic 8 Ball is the most popular fortune telling toy.

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The Psychic Portals

The Portals for Psychic Readings

By now you may well want to know where all the accurate psychic readers hang out. Readings through all channels can be accesses through the leading Psychic Portals. These networks provide easy access for you to engage in free and paid consultations online. With over thirty years in this industry I have sourced my TOP SIX online psychic advice networks for your review. 

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