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Do you wish life had come with a guide book? Your astrology zone is the next best thing. It’s most unfortunate that so many people think astrology is all about predicting the future. It is so much more.

Like any good guide book, your astrology zone guides you toward the correct path and shows you how to avoid potholes and thorny paths.

The basic idea behind your personal astrological zone is: the positioning of planets, moon, stars and sun, at the precise moment of birth determines our personality characteristics, plays an influential role in our daily lives, points out our potential in areas such as career and romance and profiles proven possibilities for our future.

Your birth month reveals which one of the 12 zodiac signs was occupied by the sun. Your character is governed by your sun sign. Your astrologer begins here.

The date and hour shows the sign occupied by the moon. The moon rules emotions and mood.

The minute of your birth denotes which sign was rising on the eastern horizon, or the Ascendant. The Ascendant, aka your “rising sign”, is the most vital thing in your birth chart. It is located in the first house.

The 12 houses represent different phases of life experiences and challenges. Contained in your houses is collective wisdom to help you grow in consciousness.

Astrology Zones

Think of your astrological zone as a science of relationships. More than a study of cosmic influences on humans and their environment, it is the study of you. Astrology is an art, which relies on the intuitive awareness of your astrologer.

The picture of the heavens at the time you drew first breath is the basis of the astrologer’s art. Planetary positions when each of us were born are fluid. But the zodiac and its signs are static.  

An experienced astrologer will tell the story of your life as it is written in the stars. Working together, the two of you can discuss upcoming challenges and opportunities, along with the best way to act in response to circumstances of life. Often, you can make a positive change in your attitude or actions beforehand, which at the same time changes your profile, or destiny for your highest good.

Keep your mind open and realize your astrological chart is all about potentials. Some life events are not in our control and others are contingent on the choices we make or whether or not we choose to master certain potentials.

Historians know the key to the future lies in the past. What better way to know all about yourself than by going back to the moment of your birth?

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