Clairsentience and Psychometry

Extra Sensory Perceptions: Clairsentience and Psychometry - The Art of Seeing Through Touch

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 “Cross my palm with silver” was a request from ancient fortune tellers. It had a two-fold purpose. Of course, the fortune teller wanted upfront payment. But, also it provided her with an opportunity to pick up information from the silver the person had been carrying in his pocket. This is called psychometry.

Clairsentience and Psychometry are forms of divination from reading the psychic energy that is adhering to physical objects. Solid materials, especially precious metals attract and retain energy longer than loosely made materials such as a blouse or hat.

Humans are continuously radiating energy. Jewelry, such as a gold ring or watch worn next to the skin for a long time, accumulates energy, which is imprinted with our thoughts and emotions. Impressions are stronger during times our energy is in flux. Psychometrists receive clearer images of weddings, funerals, childbirths and other occasions where the owner’s emotions were in a state of flow.

Clairsentience and Psychometry

This means that if you are sensitive to psychic energy, you can learn a great deal about the owner’s life story by holding the object. In essence, an inanimate object links your mind with that of its previous wearer.

How you ‘see’ through touch will depend upon your primary way of gathering and interpreting sensory data, which is not knowable via the five senses. If you are clairvoyant, you might see a series of little technicolor vignettes about the person’s life. You will feel you are present, but as an observer.

A clairsentient person feels another person’s emotions without use of the normal senses. Whatever ability you use for seeing through touch, psychometry is an impressive way to look at the life record of another individual. 

Psychometry is not easy to master. If you are an empathetic person, who cries in sad movies or buys things because they ‘call out to you’, you likely possess innate skills for clairsentience and psychometry.

Practicing with a partner is an ideal maneuver. Swap items (preferably jewelry) that were previously owned by your ancestors. This allows you to practice psychometry, with the added benefit of comments from your partner on the correctness of the information you receive.

Find a quiet place where the two of you won’t be disturbed. Take turns reading the object to be psychometrized or work with your objects simultaneously and discuss findings afterwards.

Sit with the quiet. Take the object in your non-dominant hand. Relax. Don’t try to see anything. Just make yourself willing and ready to receive energies imprinted in the object.

Let impressions pop into your mind as they will. Take notes of insights received during your experiments. Words and phrases that seem like jibber-jabber may be perfectly clear to your partner.

And, so it is, you’re practicing to see through touch!

Here are some Psychometry Techniques for reading the energy of objects

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