Clairvoyant Medium | Definition

Definition of Clairvoyant Mediums: Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums and are frequently mixed up and misunderstood. For example, if you have reasons to contact a deceased loved one, how can you determine which is the right one to select for your reading?

General Psychics are the most publicized of the three. They gather and interpret extra-sensory information, which means psychics work above and beyond the five physical senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Clairvoyants are the most well-known psychics. They are see things clearly above and beyond the material world, without using physical senses. Visions, energy, images and symbols are viewed through their 3rd eye.

Mediums are hidden gems of the metaphysical senses. Unless you have a specific reason to communicate with someone on the other side, chances are you’re not aware of their amazing talents.

The word meaning of medium refers to an entity that transports or transmits something.  Think TV, internet, radio, etc. as the medium that transmits information the public. So, the clairvoyant medium is the entity, which transmits information from loved ones on the other side to the client on earth.  

Clairvoyant Medium

They can tune-in to higher frequencies and call out to spirits, in what is often defined as soul-to-soul communication, without words. Mediums help provide closure and healing to loved ones left behind.

When mediums go into a trance state, the spirit speaks through the medium’s body, directly to their loved one. These readings can be mind-blowing, as they not only carry on a dialogue with spirit people, they can clearly see them.  

Putting it all Together: Clairvoyants are psychic. Mediums are psychic. Not all mediums are clairvoyant.

Clairvoyantly gifted Mediums can make a house call if strange happenings are occurring within your home, such as the feeling someone is watching you, things moving around and things falling off of shelves or tables.  A medium with clairvoyance can ‘clearly see’ any spirits that may be living in your home. Mediums can communicate with the spirit(s) and find out what they need/want you to know.  

Séances are still practiced by some Clairvoyant mediums. A group of people sit around a table and concentrate on ‘their’ spirit. The medium may enter a trance and invite spirits to speak though his body or he may remain awake and act as a conduit for the spirit’s messages.   

Are the readings with mediums via the web or over the phone really work well?

The clairvoyant process is no different whether you are getting a live, online or phone reading by a medium. Surprisingly, certain mediums prefer phone readings because there are no outside interferences. The medium can put her entire focus on connecting both with the spiritual realm and their client.

Be mindful, there is no guarantee your medium can reach your spirit person. When she is able to link-up with your loved one, she will pass along a description, personal message or perhaps a pet name, from your spirit person, for you to verify.

Clairvoyant Mediums

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