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How and why I do personal email tarot readings via TarotVision™.  I do very few readings these days in a face-to-face manner. Unlike many moons ago when I owned and operated my Ancient Wisdom Bookstore in Townsville, North Queensland.

Authentic TarotVision™ Clairvoyance

It was the 1980s and I would conduct an average of eight face-to-face readings per day, week in week out, until it got too busy for me to handle the running of the business while doing so many readings. So I started employing other gifted psychic readers in order to free up my own time. 

After selling the business and travelling about the world for another lot of years I returned to full time psychic duty when I resettled in Australia 2002 and joined one of the big Psychic Lines.

I must admit I was a bit hesitant about conducting my consultations over the phone to clients as far and wide as UK, Ireland and the USA from my home office in Sydney Australia. I was blown away by the ease and accuracy of these long distance consultations and soon built up a new and regular client base. 

Tarot Reading by Email

It was during this time that I first started getting requests for email psychic readings. Again trying something new brought in a bit of trepidation. Like transitioning from face-to-face to phone, I was concerned about the lessening of the connection in the transition from phone to email. But again I was astounded with my success in this form of clairvoyant consulting.

What I’ve learned is that successful psychics like myself, soon fill a strong and repetitive client base, while the less gifted practitioners are always scratching to find new clients.

Overdoing it can bring burnout for pro psychics, and on occasion I’ve chosen to close my books and focus on building my web sites. (like the one you are reading now).

Then something happens inside and I feel the joy in connecting with new clients again. 

My readings these days are predominantly on Skype and Phone. I live locally in paradise, and have a working reach across the globe to any English speaking area.

Why email? Well, I only set aside a few hours per day for my clairvoyant consulting, and I am in Australia. With so many clients requesting readings from the USA, Ireland, and the UK, my timezone can be a little difficult to fit. For instance, I set aside three hours a day, on four weekdays a week, somewhere between 10am and 4pm. That equates to between 7pm and 1am in Manitoba* Canada.  5pm and 11pm California* USA. And 1am and 7am London* UK (*Summertime) [See my scedule for Phone and Skype readings here]

My email reading service provides an easy solution. You make the request in your own time and I deliver a personal email reply within 48 hours.

My Process for Personal Email Tarot Readings

Want your own Personal Email Tarot Readings?

Here is the process:

1 - Your Request

You complete a request via the form on this page.  You can ask questions and set a background for my consultation, or leave things for a simple and more general reading.

2 - Your Payment

You will be redirected to a payment page when you have submitted your request. I use PayPal which gives you a safe and secure way of paying via credit cards or your PayPal funds.

3 - I Prepare

I turn off my phones, internet and close my doors to all distractions for an allotted time period of 30 minutes (the same time I set for Phone/Skype readings).  I read your questions and meditate upon them. I bring myself into the Psychic Resonant Zone. I choose from my many decks of Tarot Cards and Crystal Balls. 

4 - I Read

Focusing on you and your questions I spread the cards (but do not use a card spread) then quickly type the insights that jump out from the images to me. Glancing occasionally into a crystal ball for further perception and clarity.

5 - I Compile

Taking my written words, I place them into my TarotVision™ template for saving in PDF format. I load this PDF into a designated CLOUD based folder.

6 - I Send

I send you an email with a secret link to the PDF in my Cloud Folder. You are then able to privately download your TarotVision™ email reading at will, and even download it again if you need to re-access it within the next six months.

7 – You Can Become a Preferred Client

Chances are you would want to consult me further at times when you need more insight and guidance. So I will issue you with an exclusive coupon code that will gift you with a special rate for personal Phone or Skype readings in the future.

Before ordering personal email tarot readings from me please read and agree to my terms and disclaimers

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