Extra Sensory Perception

Where the term ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ (ESP) is concerned, everything is up for grabs. Does ESP even exist? Scientists say, “Not!”. Metaphysicists say, “Absolutely!” Presuming ESP exists, how do we get some? This is also debatable. Some say we all have ESP abilities and, in fact, rely on them without being aware.

Another camp believes Extra-sensory Perceptions are exclusive to psychics. A majority believe that we all have the potential of ESP, but that certain people are more receptive to this phenomenon.

As for which super powers fall under the ESP umbrella, some say four, some say five and others include a long list. More controversy.

Here is how I see it:

Extra Sensory Perception

Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions of a paranormal nature, which aren’t scientifically explainable. Clairvoyant means clear seeing. The word is derived from French clair, meaning clear and voyant which means seeing.

Some people are born with an innate power to see ongoing vibrations in the ether. Such vibrations comprise a world of thought forms and events. Clairvoyants can tap into these vibrations for an awareness of external facts and events that aren’t transmitted by the five senses.

It is possible for a person to develop deeper powers of the mind, as the receptive and believing mind can see things manifest from the invisible into the visible realm.  

Mental Telepathy is the awareness of another person’s thoughts not transmitted by language, sight, hearing or touch. It is when the mind communicates with other minds, without physical senses or mechanical devices.

Native Hawaiians practiced mental telepathy for centuries before the white men came to their land. Africa and Tahiti have practiced telepathy for decades. Holy Men in the Far East have used it as a matter of course for centuries.

Modern scientists admit mental telepathy is possible. A potential use is to make prosthetic limbs that would operate via mind control.  

We all experience haphazard telepathic experiences. You think about someone and he calls you ‘out of the blue’… You dreamed about a person you haven’t seen in years and bump into her at the mall the following day… You are prompted by your inner-voice to remain stopped when the light turns green and you narrowly avoid a collision.

Precognition is an ESP ability to experience knowledge of future events without using any physical agent. Often precognition is a forewarning of negative events that will happen unless a positive change brings forth a different outcome.

You may have experienced a precognitive dream or perceived an event before it occurred while in meditation. You may have sensed something awesome was going to happen and even what it would be. These are blips of precognition, but they aren’t disciplined.

Psychics trust in and continually develop their ESP

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