Finding Your Soulmate with Tarot Help

How Tarot Can Help Finding Your Soulmate - by Holly Rinehart. 

Many people turn to psychics and tarot readers when struggling in their love life, seeking answers on how, when, and where they will meet their soulmate or twin flame. What will they look like? Who will they be? Will it be love at first sight? 

The journey toward manifesting your twin flame can be especially painful as compared to others. It’s important to first understand the difference between soulmate and twin flame.  Soulmates are oftentimes spirits with whom we’ve created “soul contracts”. These soul contracts are formed between the two of you before you are reincarnated on Earth. Soul contracts are an agreement to teach one another valuable lessons in the next life in order to promote your spiritual growth together. Soul contracts aren’t always the gentlest form of spiritual growth - they can be created to teach a lesson on rejection or forgiveness. Twin flames, different from soulmates, are the actual “other half” of our souls that we are searching for. Oftentimes we need to learn lessons from several soulmates before we may be with our twin flame. 

Finding Your Soulmate with Tarot HelpFinding Your Soulmate

Tarot readings provide a physical medium through which spiritual guidance can be provided, both from our own intuition and the universe. The key is to remember that tarot provides guidance. Oftentimes we unconsciously prevent ourselves from manifesting our soulmates and twin flames. There is such a thing as a spiritual blockage - some memory, event, or belief that your spirit is attached to, be it from this life, or a past life. A blockage may be a result of incomplete healing from a soul contract.

The Tarot can provide guidance that can help you fix these spiritual blockages. Whether you are going to a tarot reader, or performing readings for yourself, pay close attention to the trends in the cards. Cards that frequently appear for you, or even a suit of card that commonly makes its way into your tarot spread has a message for you. The trends between several readings are just as important as the individual readings themselves. They are not coincidences. Using a psychic diary is a great way of keeping track of the readings you receive to evaluate your progress toward manifesting your soulmate - this is one thing that many who seek out soul mate tarot readings fail to do.

Once you notice a pattern in your readings, spend some time reflecting on that pattern. Meditation is a great way to help you process the information you’ve received and to figure out how to apply it to your life. Oftentimes there will be information in the readings on what you need to improve on before your twin flame will be manifested. It’s common for people to receive readings that indicate they need to be self-reliant for their own happiness first, or that there is a person in their life that they need to release, or forgive. Grudges hold an incredible negative karmic impact

It’s difficult to wait on the other half of your spirit. Listen closely, and remember your tarot readings. Tarot can help you focus on areas of self-improvement and breaking through your spiritual blockages. The path through spiritual growth is a slow and rocky one, but guidance is available! 

Finding Your Soulmate with a Psychic's Help

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