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A reading with an Authentic Fortune Teller may just make your life richer than ever before. During the course of your earthly journey, if life presents you the opportunity for an authentic fortune telling, just-do-it. 

A fortune teller who sees real, unvarnished truth, from higher realms, which can help seemingly insurmountable problems vanish. Your remaining challenges become more manageable. Be prepared to experience rare – eureka! – moments, which can lead to healthy, happy, prosperous and successful living.

These days, real fortune tellers are as scarce as gold dust in the air.  Relying on divination vehicles, such as playing cards, Tarot cards, Runes, I-Ching and so forth aren’t authentic tellings, they are readings, perhaps in combination with intuition, mixed with a smidge of psychic-ness.

Note: The crystal ball may seem like another divination vehicle. But in reality, it works like a high-powered microscope lens. The true psychic scrys the crystal ball for prophetic images and tells you what he/she sees, with no embellishments.

Fortune Teller Reading

For ease of understanding let’s compare the author of a book to tellings and the reader of that book to readings. Make sense?

In the interest of fairness, even the most remarkable psychics often augment with divination vehicles, especially when working with newcomers to fortune telling. Cards, numerology, etc. provide a certain level of comfort, because they are visible in comparison with transmissions from higher beings they cannot see.

If you think about it, future telling is more accurate than fortune telling! After all, who doesn’t want to know about their future? In general, questions about the future center around finances, romance, marriage, sex or health concerns.

In order to get the most beneficial and correct information, it’s important to take care when phrasing questions concerning your future. Asking ambiguous questions is a waste of your psychic’s time and your money.

Here is an example of the old saying, “be careful what you ask for”. (you might get it you know)

Will I be happy?

This question leaves too much leeway for interpretation. Suppose you developed a medical condition that negatively affected the “worry” aspect of the brain? (Don’t worry, I made this up.) No worries make you happy, right?

Intuitive Fortune Telling

Successful attainment of happiness through strange methods, is, of course not the happiness you want or intended to pursue with your question. Better to apply a little spit and polish to ambiguous questions before asking.

How about: What obstacles block my future happiness? or How do I manifest happiness in my life?

Asking good, well defined questions gives your psychic a strong foundation for your reading.

If you believe your destiny is written in the stars, believe this – nowhere is it written you were meant to walk your soul’s journey alone. Gifted psychics can show you the correct direction and offer loving encouragement as you meet up with your life lessons.

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