Fortune Telling Cards

There are many insightful Fortune Telling Cards to choose from these days. Chances are, you’re familiar with playing cards and tarot cards. To determine which came first is an exercise in futility, although history tends to favor playing cards as being used for divination purposes before tarot cards were invented.

If you choose Cartomancy, the art of divination with playing cards, it will take persistence and perseverance. Although each card is assigned a traditional meaning, there are few illustrations or symbols. An experienced playing card reader taps into Universal Mind for insights and answers.

Their smaller size fits small hands and is easier to manipulate for people with arthritic hands.  

The Tarot is the most popular among divination cards today. Reading the Tarot is like peering into the looking glass and watching events while they happen. An intuitive reader can tap into hidden truths and guide you toward a purpose-driven life.

Fortune Telling Cards

Tarot decks contain layers of symbolism and aesthetically pleasing illustrations, which makes practice fun and rewarding.

Oracle cards are ideal for instant gratification types of people. These cards are a contemporary version of Tarot - Oracle cards, aka Gypsy fortune telling cards – and work on the principle you will be provided with immediate ways of understanding your thoughts and actions.

They originated in Europe in latter 19th century, exclusively for fortune telling. I recommend Oracle cards for beginners, as the imagery is so clear-cut, you don’t need highly developed intuition to read them. 

Medicine Cards are our gift from Native Americans, who believe medicine is ‘anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all of life’.  Each animal carries its own medicine for healing body, mind and soul.

Easily understandable, even children can work with Medicine Cards. The idea is that animals act as our guides, teaching life lessons during our soul’s journey on earth.

Angel Cards are the grandchildren of Oracle cards. It is believed that angels themselves inspired these illustrious decks. Along with celestial images, cards typically contain a commentary, such as positive affirmations, symbols or practical guidance.

Absolutely no training is required. Simply open the deck of Angel cards and start your ‘reading’.  Shuffle and choose three cards. Line them up in a row, like little soldiers. Nearest you is the card representing the past, the present card is in the middle and finally, the future card.

Begin with the past card, reflect upon its message, then ‘rinse and repeat’ with present and future. Journal about insights or helpful information straight from your guardian angel’s ‘mouth’. Meditate on your daily reading.

Can make an informed decision about the the guidance  you need right now?

Psychic Readings with Fortune Telling Cards

Here is a selection of fortune telling online psychics who can give you a reading.

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