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In fortune telling oracle readings you can explore your future possibilities. When reading an oracle you’ll begin seeing your authentic self through a prism of new perspectives. 

There is a myriad of fortune telling oracles from diverse origins to chose from and all give inspiring insight in one way or another when you are tuned in and using them properly.

Runes, Tarot, I-Ching, Palmistry, Cartomancy, and the Ouija Board are some of the main divination tools and card versions appear for most of them to provide simplistic form.

Oracle cards, with their beautiful illustrations, differ in appearance from other divination decks. There are dozens of decks, including angels, goddesses, fairies or unicorns.

For consistency, l will focus here on angel fortune telling Oracle cards – since everybody’s got some angels!

Even with all their beauty and mystique, Angel Oracle cards offer the most down-to-earth advice of any divination cards. They are rooted in numerology beliefs that all numbers and images hold their own specific vibrations.

Oracle cards walk hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. When you pose a question, your energies will attract the coordinating card that provides the ideal answer.

Angelic Fortune Telling Oracle Cards

Fortune telling oracles

A distinct difference between Oracle and other divination cards is that there are no meanings to memorize. Readings are similar to channeling. The reader draws on her intuitive powers to “hear” what higher entities are advising. (Try to creatively visualize a 2-way conversation between your reader and your angels.)

Some cards have a short identifier, such as “wisdom”, “balance”, “personal growth”, “healing” and so on. These keywords may give the reader a focal point, but aren’t immutable.

It’s vital to pose open-ended questions such as, “What lesson does this challenge bring”, “What tools do I need to resolve this problem”.  If nothing pressing is on your mind, simply ask the Oracle, “What do I need to know today?” (Precocious Oracle refuses to answer “yes” or “no” questions.)

Archangel RaphaelRaphael for miracles and guidance

Your angels love seeing you happy in love. Inquire of your Romance Angels what you must do to attract your holy partner. If you are still in pain from a previous relationship, call upon the healing Archangel Raphael. Not only is he adroit with healing the past, Raphael is renowned for miracles and honorable guidance. This Archangel can restore your will to love again.

Nothing is too trivial or mind-boggling for higher beings to address. Got financial challenges? Ask them to show you a clear path out of your day-to-day money struggles.

Be mindful, fortune telling oracle readings can offer spiritual guidance to aid you in making free will choices for the highest good of all concerned. Oracle readings were not designed to predict the long-term future, or the winning lottery numbers, instead they focus on possibilities in the ever-present now.

For an idea of the scope of information you may expect, experiment with a couple of free online fortune telling readings.

For optimal benefits, procure an oracle reading from someone who is experienced and highly intuitive. She/he will point out messages that you may want to disregard because you are in denial or consciously avoid the subject.

Consider your chosen oracle as your secret friend, always extending further light along the path of your soul journey. Isn’t now a good time to master your own unlimited possibilities?

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