Free Clairvoyant Readings

Generally, it takes three entities to complete a free clairvoyant reading online. And while we have been conditioned to believe that nothing in this life is free, believe it or not, you can find some free readings with genuine clairvoyants when you follow these tips.

The process usually revolves around:

  1. The Psychic Network – offers Free Clairvoyant Readings to attract newcomers. Marketing statistics have proven once people get a ‘taste’ of free readings, they will come back for more at premium prices.
  2. The Clairvoyant – free readings provide wider exposure for their services. Psychics who are new to the network can build up client accolades, which speak to their credibility.
  3. The Client – your opportunity to test the waters before diving into premium readings.

Why should your first adventure with online psychic readings be with a clairvoyant? Your free time will be limited. Clairvoyants can see the crux of the matter quickly and offer advice that works.

With careful pre-preparation, you can obtain a gracious plenty free insights and determine whether or not you feel a connection with the clairvoyant.

Free Clairvoyant Reading

Public forums are a great place to pop-in and be like the itsy-bitsy spider on the wall. You may observe the clairvoyant interacting with other clients online. Ask a couple of general questions to get an idea of how the psychic responds.

A real time chat reading may be ideal when you need answers quickly or you’re not in the humor to talk on the phone. You may have reservations about the effectiveness of the text-based psychic chat, since there is no physical interaction.  No worries, many clairvoyants rely on remote viewing to connect with your energy.

This fast-paced atmosphere may not fit your personality. Yet, it can be worth hanging out because some networks allow their psychics to pull one visitor out for a free reading in a private chat room.

Or, you may find a compatible reader and request a private session. You’ll likely agree that getting answers and insights in real time can be very rewarding.

Find Your Free Clairvoyant Reading

It’s pretty common for psychic networks to answer one free question for newbies. Here is your opportunity to obtain insights and information about something that has been nagging at you for a long time. It is also a great way to ‘test’ several clairvoyant readers by posing the same question on various sites.

These top psychic portals offer the first 3 minutes of online readings absolutely free of charge for newcomers.

Use your free minutes wisely -  stay in the moment. If you’re thinking ahead about your next question, you will miss important clues. Does he/she appear authentic? Is she/he showing compassion? Are you getting the warm fuzzies? If so, you have found your clairvoyant!

More ways of finding free psychic readings