Free Tarot Card Reading

It may surprise you, but there really are free tarot card readings. They aren’t too good to be true, but some may not be too good. Your best option is to take time, explore popular psychic networks and find the best free Tarot readings available. Here is some help to do that.

One type of free tarot reading is called “code snippets”, which generates computerized readings from random Tarot cards. This is opposed to a live Tarot reader.

Here is an example process, keeping in mind that each site is different.

Always begin by closing your eyes and concentrating on an important question. Next, select the number of cards for your reading, such as one card or three card spreads. However, code snippet type websites shuffle and select the cards for you.

A few sites have high-tech equipment that provides the illusion that you are shuffling and selecting your cards. After cards are chosen, Tarot cards, their meaning and interpretations will whoosh across your screen instantly.

The obvious drawback here is that learning to read the Tarot takes time and perseverance. A live reader would study each card and apply the correct meaning, along with her intuitive understandings, before answering your question.

Free Tarot Card Reading

From a different perspective, there are what is called “squeeze websites”. You’ll recognize them by the information requested prior to the free reading, i.e. your full name, email address, birthdate. Their main purpose is collecting names and email addresses, to compose a mailing list of people who are interested in metaphysical subjects. 

Unless you want your mailbox to become a dumping ground for sales pitches and ‘amazing deals’, it’s better to avoid squeeze websites.

Let’s borrow a phrase from real estate brokers – Let the buyer beware! When you choose free tarot readings, you can’t get your money back if you’re dissatisfied. So, use a popular psychic network, which has proven itself reputable. Go into the reading with the understanding it will be generalized, not personalized like a live Tarot reading.

There is a new wave of free Tarot reading websites, which is taking the internet by storm. For whatever reason, the site owner has amassed a stable of aspiring Tarot apprentices, who will read your Tarot cards absolutely free to log practice hours.

You may be asked to provide practical (but positive) comments that the student can adapt for future readings.

A couple of caveats include: you can’t choose your reader; one will be provided for you. Sites that are growing in popularity may not have readers available when you need them. It really is the ‘luck of the draw’ as reader’s abilities differ.  

We resonate with these innovative free Tarot readings because they are all about people helping people. Eager students of the Tarot give you their best efforts. You give them constructive feedback. Everybody wins!

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