Facebook Free Tarot Spread 29

Here are the results for my Free Tarot Spread 29 as posted on Facebook

If you have found this page without Facebook and not picked a card yet it is not too late!

  • Focus on the Tarot Cards in the image below, 
  • think of your question, 
  • project the question into the crystal ball, 
  • notice which of the five cards you are attracted to first, 
  • scroll down and read your answer below. 

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Free Tarot Spread 29

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

Have you typed your card choice in the facebook comments?  (keeping your question private)

Have you added your magic to the mix with your Page Likes and Post Shares?

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Facebook Free Tarot Spread 29 Results

Card 1 Keyword = Opportunity

  • It’s about time. You have been preparing or studying for this for a long time. Now the opportune time has come to put what you know into action. And as the saying goes, when preparation meets opportunity, success happens. It is YOUR time!

Card 2 Keyword = Strength

  • Be an angel to someone in need. You have the strength within you to handle a difficult situation in ways only you can. If you know what I’m talking about, pull in the courage to make a difference in that person’s day. If you do not know what I’m talking about, turn around and commit an act of random kindness to one who crosses your path today.

Card 3 Keyword = Assessment

  • Pay attention in two ways. One: count upon the experience you have purposefully gained and be ready to put it to good use. Two: Listen well to outside advice offering suggestions that should greatly differ from your own ideas. Then put what you know to work in the new and surprising avenue to benefit greatly from a perfect match.

Card 4 Keyword = Secure

  • The wish you have projected to the universe is coming good. Look for the little signs to know when and where to seize upon your gift. This is the beginning of something big. Your manifesting confounds the heck out of the experts who say no. Stick with the magic, it will stay with you all the way through.

Card 5 Keyword = Adventurous

  • Surprise yourself and those others around you. You have good luck and great skill on your side. If you have been holding back on something, it is now perfect timing. I see no risk. Everything works out just the way you want it to. You just have to press the button!

For Free Tarot Spread 29. I used my Golden Tarot Deck

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