Free Psychic Advice | Facebook Spread 18

Here are the results of my Free Psychic Advice Reading on Facebook for Spread 18

Free Psychic Advice | Facebook Spread 18

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

Have you typed your card choice in the facebook comments?  (keeping your question private)

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Free Psychic Advice | Results for Facebook Spread 18

Card 1 Keyword = Stability

  • Your foundations are becoming firmed up. This enables you to do much more of what you want to do. Wishes and dreams that may have washed away in the past are now set on a strong footing. Rekindle those desires, for now is the right timing.

Card 2 Keyword = Begin

  • I’m hearing music, I’m feeling the wind at your back gently edging you forward, I’m sensing the sun shining on your path. Be adventurous, don’t make too many plans, step onto the first stepping stone you see, even though you do not understand where it leads. Dare to let spirit guide you.

Card 3 Keyword = Spontaneous

  • Follow your heart and act on impulse. Look for ways to bring more love and light into your life. It is a good time to tell someone you love them. It is a good time to do something loving for yourself. Find your brightest truth and express it fully. On a spiritual note, dig deeper to be amazed at what you find.

Card 4 Keyword = Nadir

  • Pick yourself up, dust off the sadness, pop the lessons in your pocket, and be willing to move on. Use this affirmation: “Every day, in every way, things get better, better and better”. Invisible helpers are there for you now, clearing the way forward so that all becomes easier.

Card 5 Keyword = Luck

  • Right is going to win over wrong. Keep up the self-transformations until you hit the mark you are after. If you are waiting for that lucky break consider it ordered. If you are feeling stuck in the mud, someone is turning up to pull you out. And while you are out grab yourself a little lottery ticket.

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