About Ian Parkin - Psychic Consultant

Ian Parkin has both feet on the ground and his head attuned to the infinite.  Many look to Ian as their knowledgeable psychic friend for making relevant recommendations when and where they are appropriate. 

Ian Parkin - TarotVision™

The Ian Parkin Story – Abridged version

"I am a seasoned adviser in the realms of clairvoyant tarot reading.

Since ascending to this metaphysical wonderland in the early 1980s I have . . .

  • owned and operated a retail New Age bookstore
  • imported and wholesaled New Age paraphernalia
  • recieved initiations in the ancient wisdom of the world through underground mystery schooling
  • provided psychic and tarot consultations to people in all walks of life
  • promoted and hosted personal development and metaphysical seminars and workshops
  • trained others in the mystic arts
  • ran my own successful hypnosis and NLP practice
  • traveled the world at various stages of life and learned a lot about myself, others, the planet we live upon, the cosmos we originated from, and the collective consciousness we will all one-day return to

Since the early 2000s I've grown with the age of the internet and have been able to reach the world from the comfort of home.

I don’t have all the paranormal answers, but I’m happy to share the magic I’ve learned so far."

Ian Parkin Connections

My Psychic Skill Rating

  • Tarot Readings 95%
  • Psychic Readings 94%
  • Clairvoyant Readings 93%
  • Mediumship Readings 05%
  • Astrology Readings 01%
  • Horoscope Readings 01%
  • Numerology Readings 01%
  • Oracle Readings 86%
  • Fortune Telling Readings 87%

Currently, in my Sage Years, I live a quiet and peaceful life with my wife in what is quite possibly the jewel of the Australian coastline, Noosa Heads in Queensland.

From my home near the beach I connect with the world via this website, my Personal Development website, and my original, very large and popular website, Psychic-Junkie.com

When I’m not at the computer writing on psychic, tarot, and personal development subjects for my sites, I can be found on Skype helping my clients worldwide with my TarotVison™ and ForeSeeingFutures™ psychic consultations. And each week you can find me on my Facebook Psychic Advice Page

When away from my work space altogether I enjoy coffee out and about in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast area. In the perfect months (Queensland - beautiful some months and perfect the others) I get wet in the ocean on my Stand Up Paddle Board. When I say get wet, 'MY' board is more of a Fall Off Paddle Board!

My Appointment Scheduler

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Or book a chat/skype/phone session with me from anywhere in the world please use my scheduler below.

My Online Psychic Advice and Coaching Services

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