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Revealing opportunity for change in Karma Astrology Readings

Have you ever felt there was something important you were meant to do with your life, something that would make you a better person? Do you keep running into roadblocks, often the same type of roadblock, which leaves you frustrated and angry?

It may be Karma from a past life trying to get your attention. We all have a spiritual path to follow, an unlearned lesson from a previous life. It's our karma. Learning that lesson and making the necessary changes in life doesn't have to be fraught with frustration if we recognize we what lesson we're supposed to learn and follow through appropriately.

The words you speak, your thoughts, your intentions and actions are stored inside you, in the Akashic records and planets of the same or similar vibration acting as storage planets. The Akashic records have been called many things. In the Bible, it's referred to as the “Book of Life.” Whether it's in the life or the next, there are consequences for those actions. It's similar to Newton's third law of physics, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If you're giving out anger, pain or selfishness, the opposite reaction would be for the universe to give those same things back to you. Maybe you'll never feel the sting of Karma or learn the lessons you need to learn in this life, but a later you, a future you will.

karma astrology readings

Many people struggle and hit the same brick wall trying to get ahead or just live life peacefully. They don't know the plan Karma has for them and therefore, cannot make the appropriate changes to avoid the disasters and unhappiness that comes from carrying the burden of an unlearned lesson. All the action of previous lives that were stored, suddenly come crashing down at once. It seems at that point nothing can go right. However, there is the Law of Grace and by acknowledging past-life Karma and honest introspection, true atonement and forgiveness, the cycle can be break the cycle.

Karma astrology looks at your past to identify the Karma of the past and to your future to show the times when a window of opportunity is available for change and growth. It doesn't mean you have to take that opportunity, because you have free will. However, it does mean that it's the best time to take action to see the most potential growth and overcome the Karma from the past life by learning the lessons for true spiritual growth. Karmic astrology helps you with a road map so you can make the preparations necessary to follow the path to the higher, more spiritual you and avoid the continual pain that comes with learning the lessons of Karma.

In the process of becoming that more spiritual person, you'll learn how to dodge the roadblocks that are put in your path to push you toward being that better person. Remember, Karma isn't necessarily a punishment, but a lesson from the universe. If you hurt someone from your past life, their reincarnate spirit may return that pain to you. Only through the recognition, acknowledgment and true forgiveness for their acts can you experience Grace and move on to a higher spiritual level. Until you work with Karma, it will forever keep returning. Karma astrology helps you understand the lessons that need to be learned and provides the ideal timing to make the changes necessary to end the Karmic cycle.

Karma Astrology Readings

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