Law of Attraction and Manifestation Made Easy

The law of attraction and manifestation is summed up easily to mean like attracts like. The concept may be simple, but there's far more to it than that. It means you have control over your future happiness and that you're responsible for many of the elements of your life. 

What it doesn't mean is that you'll never have a problem. Stuff happens continuously to everyone, but some people use that information for their benefit, while others sit a wallow in their bad luck.

Those people tend to attract the negative more frequently than others do. Is that just because they're unlucky or is it because they think they're unlucky and subconsciously set out to prove themselves right?

The law of attraction states that if you look for the positive in all situations, you'll find it and that can manifest change in your life.

5 Keys to Make the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Easy

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

1 What you focus on is what you see around you and what you see around you dictates how you'll act and ultimately the way your life will turn out.

If you believe everyone hates you, you'll see it everywhere you go. Everything others say and do will be taken negatively to reaffirm your belief and you'll respond in kind. Ultimately, what you believe....that others hate you....will become a reality. Some people thrive on self-pity and seem to enjoy sharing stories of their bad luck. Is it any wonder they continue to have problems? When you walk along the path do you watch out for doggy do-do or a lucky coin?

2 Remember things will happen when they're supposed to happen.

It's a pretty tough job controlling the small details of the universe, but luckily you don't have to do it. Some people think they should have X happen at a specific time in a specific way for their goal to be achieved. That's not true. Things happen when they will be the most beneficial to you. While everyone wants to see things quickly, they'll come as quickly as they should for your success. Are you pushing against time and tide or are you flowing with the go?

3 Don't worry about the how, just focus on what you want to attract.

Creating a visual daydream on how something is to meant happen can be fun, but not at all productive. Rather than guide our vision through the how, simply focus on the what. By the what, I mean what you want. Trying to figure out how you'll get something takes bundles of energy that can be used elsewhere. Some people fret that they don't know how they'll achieve a particular desire and that can block them from getting what they want. Instead, just knowing you'll have love, happiness, good health and wealth without worrying about the how, releases your energy. Are you a worry wart or a simple believer?

4 You create the energy around you that attracts the circumstances, objects and situations.

Your thoughts and feelings are like a magnet, causing your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to bring the right things into your field of focus. You can be anyone, do anything and have anything you want, but the belief in that is what opens your awareness to the right opportunities.  Like a magnetic field, you build your future from the magnetic energy the predominant thoughts you hold. Is your RAS-a-ma-taz powered by stinking thinking or wizardly wonder?  

5 Make small positive changes each day to see massive results.

You won't change the way you think overnight, so don't try to do it. It's just too hard and you'll end up tackling more than you can handle. Just make a small change each day, a 1% change. Learn something helpful in your job, make an effort to forgive someone or find joy in the day. Changing your attitude and beliefs compounds and one day, you'll find you're a very different person, a better person with a better life, than you were when you started the journey. Are you excessive or essentially minded?

We are ALL Good at this!

You attract things and people to you in life no matter whether you use the law of attraction positively or negatively.  Survey your life and see if the Law of Attraction and Manifestation is working out to your benefit or not. Are you where you want to be or do you want something different? If you want a better life, more love, more money or better health, start focusing on it and changing how you think. The law of attraction will work out well for you when you do the things to facilitate it.

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