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If you've ever thought to learn cartomancy, you can start here. The common term used for divining the future with an ordinary deck of playing cards, not Tarot or Oracle cards, is cartomancy. Many of the basics are the same as Tarot cards but with different symbols. 

For instance, if you have a heart, it's similar to the meaning of cups or chalices. Spades represent swords, while diamonds are pentacles or coins. That leaves the clubs representing the wands or rods used in the Tarot deck. The face cards are the same as the Minor Arcana, with the Kings and Queens being the same as the king in the Tarot deck and the Jack representing the Page. There is no knight.

The face cards are used to represent the people in our lives with the queens being women and the kings men, while jacks represent younger men. Spades include people with dark hair and dark eyes, clubs represent those with hazel eyes and brown hair. The face cards of hearts are people who have fairer complexions with green and auburn or darker blond hair. Diamond face cards are those with light brown, red or blond hair and blue eyes.

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Each suit represents something different, just as they do with the corresponding tarot cards. Hearts have to do with affection, love the home and domestic life. It's a lucky suit that can represent success. Clubs also mean success, but in business ventures rather than at the home front. Of course, like any cards in the deck, they also have a reverse meaning based on the cards around them and the direction of the cards. Diamonds are life outside the home and may mean you'll realize money, but not by a lucky streak but hard work. Spades represent suffering, illness and misfortune. They are often warnings of upcoming events if changes aren't made.

The cartomancy deck has only 52 cards, which is basically the Minor Arcana minus the knights. Some people include the jokers in the deck, which represents the fool of the Major Acadia. When using a deck of ordinary cards to divine the future, you have to make sure you make a mark to notate which is the top, since most cards look the same no matter which side is up. It's the only way to get all the important information from each type of spread.

Most readers use one of two type of spreads. One is based on the position of the cards and is called a positional spread, while the other lays out the cards in a line and is read much like you'd read a story. It's easy to understand why it's called a storybook spread. Within these two basic methods, there are a variety of techniques. The horoscope spread, for instance, combines the basics of astrology with the basics of cartomancy, with 12 cards spread in a circle and each one corresponding with the astrological signs. If a card represents loss an falls into the seventh position, romantic relationships, it foretells struggles with a significant other or spouse. People often find that one type of spread, storybook or positional, suits them best.

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