How Do I Learn Palm Reading?

An overview of How to Learn Palm Reading. The pattern of lines on your palm are uniquely you. Lines are continuously changing. No two people have identical palms. Even your palms are not identical. In the metaphysical field there is much controversy concerning ‘right hand vs. left hand’.

I subscribe to the school of left hand showing characteristics you chose – strengths and weaknesses, life lessons - for the present incarnation. Right hand reveals how you put possibilities into play.

The ancients believed the hand was a mini-horoscope. When palmistry came into its own, the names of things, having already been established, remain astrological, i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, four elements.

Philosophers have believed for centuries we have a link between our inner psyche and outer manifestation of self. Hands are the best outer sign of inner being that we have.  

Learn Palm Reading

Hand Shapes:

Matching the four elements in Astrology, palm and finger shapes are categorized Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Fire Hands

  • Solid Hands with square palms where wrist to fingers measures longer than fingers are categorized as Fire Hands. Spontaneous, energetic but hot-tempered.

Earth Hands

  • Short-fingered, with broad, square palms are called Earth Hands. Person likely works with hands. Practical, can be stubborn.

Air Hands

  • Long-fingered people, with square or rectangular palms, are called Air Hands. Deep thinkers with highly developed intuition. Thrive on challenge.

Water Hands

  • Oval-shaped palm, long-fingered people are considered Water Hands. Sensitive, creative, outwardly composed, but tense within.  

The Principal Lines:

Upon occasion, a Master Palmist, after considering all the lines in a person’s palm, will conclude that person will not make old bones. Experience dictates to keep all disastrous thoughts to the reader’s self.

The Life Line

  • Starts on inside edge of palm, between thumb and base of the finger of Jupiter. Terminates at first bracelet, where palm joins wrist. The quality of the life line speaks to the person’s constitution, i.e. the clearer and longer the better. Faint, short, chained life lines bespeak delicacy and potential of illness. Those with a double life line live a charmed life.

The Heart Line

  • Extends from index finger to pinkie finger. Can contain pointers toward health and mental attitude towards love. You can tell if a person is a ‘good bet’ in affairs of the heart or just in it as a means to an end. Flirts, obsessive jealousy or cheaters can be spotted. A break in the heart line could mean a relationship’s end or physical problems with the heart.

The Head Line

  • Located somewhere between beginning of life line and base of Jupiter (index) finger. Highlights hidden talents, aptitude and ability. Indicates intelligence or mental instability, even criminal tendencies. It should not be read as the be-all, end-all, but treated as a crucial link to other lines. Must be referred to frequently to form the big picture. 

Help to Learn Palm Reading

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