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Life Wizardry Coaching - My Own Magical Approach for Helping You in Creating Your Future

Most clients come to a psychic reading for the reason of gaining the insight of what their future may hold, or for reassurance gleaned from evidential messages from their dearly departed in the realms of Spirit. Others seek their fortune told via oracles like the Tarot and Runes or simply from the psychic’s own inner wisdom. I’d hazard a guess that 90% of our business is all in the above sectors.

What about the other 10%? Here is another group of clients who do not seek reassurance of life after death, nor want to glimpse into their future. These clients approach a psychic proactively with one thing in mind: Create My Future! They seek a solution to their current problems based on their own desires and wishes. Of this 10% group, 9% will want their desired solution made so by the psychic advisor.

For the 9%-ers the most common solution is found in the realms of Spell Casting. But there is good and bad found in spell casting. Unfortunately, more bad than good. The bad, being the attempt to manipulate another person for one’s own good. These clients are saying, “please psychic – create my future by making my ex return, or make the person, I am hot for, fall in love with me. Or worse still, please psychic create my future by exacting my revenge upon this person for one reason or another. Oh dear, for these unenlightened and rather self-serving peeps the universe has a failsafe system commonly known as Karma (What you put out - good or bad - comes back - multiplied!) Unfortunately, in this segment lurk the unforgiving leaches who peddle their darkly manipulative spell casting trickery to the desperate and unenlightened. (But karma always catches up with them too in the end.)

But there are other 'self helping' mystical ways of creating your future, AffirmationsHypnosis/NLP - Creative Visualisation - Law of Attraction, all are in some way connected. And the key to this proactive process of wish-fulfilment is your Reticular Activating System. (I’ve been a practitioner in all these aspects of Life Wizardry for decades).

If you are in this 1% of 'self help' clients who would rather be responsible for your future dreams and goals, but still need a caring (extrasensory perceptive) coaching hand, I have good news.

I offer my Life Wizardry Coaching through the same channels and my clairvoyant consultancy. You can book a session online and we can work on your future together.

All the same issues can be covered, but this time with a more proactive psychic coaching approach.

  • Love and Relationships
  • Money
  • Luck
  • Career
  • Business
  • Spirituality
  • Well Being

A caveat on working with a coach.

Ian Parkin - Psychic Advice and Coaching

The golden rule before engaging any coach is this. 

  • If you want Life Coaching find a coach with a life!
  • If you want Love and Relationship coaching find a coach in an enduring loving relationship!
  • If you want Money coaching, find a debt free coach!
  • If you want Luck coaching, find a coach who creates a his/her own very lucky life!
  • If you want career or business coaching, find a coach making a stunning success of their own business/work life.
  • If you want a metaphysical coach, find the mystic who invented Life Wizardry Coaching™

I've enjoyed a magical life that continues to unfold along the lines of my own self-fulling prophecy. Of course, all of the above describe me to a tee. 

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