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When you say an affirmation, you're declaring something is true. You actually may be doing this already, but in an unconscious, uncontrolled manner. Every day we make judgmental remarks about our finances, health and life, either in jest or as a colorful comment, but our brain and the universe, hears it.

People from your past, parents, teachers, friends and ex-lovers have provided fodder for your belief system. What they said and how firmly it embedded in your mind will make a difference in your future actions. Those ideas aren't necessarily in your best interest, nor do they allow you to achieve the heights you were meant to achieve. If you find yourself with limiting ideas on what you're capable of doing or achieving, you need to realign your belief system to reflect success. And a simple way to do that is to develop a list of positive affirmations.

How to Develop Your List of Positive Affirmations

There are two very different schools of thought on the way the affirmed message will make things happen. However, both agree affirmations work.

  1. Those that believe that using a list of positive affirmations will change your thought processes and subconsciously help you achieve your goals. They believe that you'll be more aware of opportunities for success when you have a successful belief system. 
  2. Those that believe you're sending the message to the Universe accept the good results are a message back from the Great Spirit to them. They use the power of belief in a force bigger than themselves, much like the power of prayer. 

It doesn't matter which is right. What matters is the fact that using a list of positive affirmations can change your life.

You can use affirmations as a powerful tool for both personal and business development. You can correctly write out a list of affirmations and the regularly say them aloud to make them even stronger and more potent. Some people record them with soft music in the background and listen to the recording as they doze off to sleep. This relaxed state helps the message become more firmly set in the brain, since the conscious mind is in a resting state. The addition of music reinforces the message entering it through both the right and left hemisphere. You can also use bright colors and artistic flair to write it to achieve the same success. Your mind is focusing on the art, while gently absorbing the message.

Positive affirmations can range from quitting smoking and losing weight to making more money, improving relationships or increasing your confidence. You decide what you want from life and create a concise, but vivid picture of it in a short affirmation. Some people find it helps to make it rhyme and give it a catching rhythm. (Like Émile Coué's often used "Everyday, in every way"). So it sticks in your head and revisits your brain throughout the day.

You can be the master of your destiny when you take charge with a good list of positive affirmations. It can not only help you identify what you really want in life, it helps you achieve it.

How to Develop Your List of Positive Affirmations

Attractive Affirmations

There are certain key elements you need when constructing a powerful affirmation. 

I like to call them Attractive Affirmations - meaning the are affirmations that WILL attract what you want.

The Three Ps

The 3 Ps of Attractive Affirmations are (1) Personal (2) Present (3) Positive

Starting with an "I Am" makes it both personal and present. Stating the positive ensures you attract what you DO want. (Negative statements bring to you what you do not want)

Short and Sweet

Keep your affirmations as short and sweet as possible. If you start writing a short story you are cramming too many wishes into one affirmation. Communicating with our subconscious minds and the universal intelligence is more effective the more simplistic it is.  

Add the Magic Dust - Emotion

Emotion is an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced. For Attractive Affirmations use JOY-ful and LOVE-ing emotions. Word origin of Emotion is 1570-80 French word esmovoir - meaning: to set in motion. All emotions set things in motion. JOY and LOVE will set in motion what you DO want. (Sorrow, Fear, Hate set in motion more of what you do not want).

Frame with Gratitude

When you include personal feelings of gratitude for already having that which you are affirming for, you are perfectly framing your affirmation with emotion and the 3 Ps.

Affirmation Insurance

A common worry for affirmation newbies is that you will sabotage the process because you are quite aware that you do not yet have what you are hoping to manifest. For example: “I am deliriously happy in a relationship with the love of my life”  Then that little devil on your shoulder reminds you: “But I’ve been single for ten years, I never meet anyone new and the one I fancy is married!”  I learned a long time ago to counter this by adding my affirmation insurance at the end. “I am deliriously happy in a relationship with the love of my life – and everything helped this to happen”

Faux Pas in Affirmations 

There are many (so called) experts making blunders in their affirmative advice on the web. Because we cannot NOT think of the words used in our affirmations it is very important not to make negative statements.

  • For instance, if I say "Do NOT think of a purple elephant with green ears."  Just reading this sentence (in your mind) you HAVE to picture the - purple elephant with green ears - just to understand the words your are reading. And Hey Presto - you have got this animal in your mind's eye. Add some emotion (if you hated purple elephants) and you are on your way to get more of what you do not want.

Here are some classic faux pas in much the available (expert?) affirmation advice.

“I love facing challenges for the growth they bring to me”. This will surely fill your life with challenges!

I’d reframe this into something that included “my life runs so smoothly, I’m having an abundance of fun.”

“I will die before I give up” This one is definitely NOT recommended!

“I am now free from my bad habits”  Whoops, this will keep those bad habits strongly attached. 

“I let go of worries that drain my energy” Oh Dear, at best this will put you in bed for a week!

These were from actual lists of positive affirmations on the web. Very scary indeed!

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