Mental Telepathy

What does telepathy mean? Mental Telepathy is the predominant way to pick up thoughts and feelings. We know that thoughts are energy. Once thoughts are created, our brain sends out electrical impulses that can travel through air. Everyone has their own vibration. It is possible to tune into each other’s wavelength, like on the TV where we can tune into different stations.

If you are about to develop mental telepathy just think about the responsibility that comes with intercepting thoughts of other people or transmitting thoughts into another person’s consciousness.

When this gift of extra sensory perception is highly developed at birth, the psychic must assume the responsibility to use telepathy correctly. In other words, they should never stoop to psychic snooping!

Telepathy opens a whole new paradigm of communication. Using telepathy allows the psychic to connect with Spirit and tap into the querent’s thought vibrations.  

Alternatively, those who were not born with natural tendencies toward telepathy, will find the difficulty level extreme. It learning telepathy interests you, be prepared for intensive training and long-term practice.

Mental Telepathy

Everyone experiences flashes of telepathy. For instance, two people are having a conversation when both say the same thing at once. Spouses finish each other’s sentences. You think of a friend you haven’t seen in ages and the phone rings. Guess who!

Take note: The above examples show this meaning of telepathy is one of communication between two people through thought transference. The five senses: smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch aren’t used. It is not mind reading.


Mastering mind-to-mind telepathy calls for patience and perseverance. Remember you’re virtually starting at scratch to achieve what some psychics were born knowing how to do.

First, recruit a telepathy buddy. To receive and send thoughts, obviously, you need a Sender and Receiver. Eliminate distractions such as the telephone and TV.

Conduct your practice sessions together, but apart – that is you work from your home and your buddy from hers. That way you can’t ‘guess’ what each other is thinking from facial expressions or body language.

To begin, you will be the Sender and she will be the Receiver. Visualize something that connects you and your telepathy buddy, such as a silver cord or light beam.

Creatively visualize your buddy in your mind’s eye. When you have a clear vision of her, mentally send a thought form over your connection to your telepathic buddy.

For instance, creatively visualize a piece of chocolate cake. Imagine how it smells and how it feels to the touch. Imagine taking a bite. Once you have completed your telepathic thoughtform, telephone your Receiver to find out whether she received your psychic thought transfer.

Next, you will become the Receiver and your buddy will transmit to you.

Remember, you are attempting to develop untapped mind territory. Just be patient and keep practicing.

Develop Your Mental Telepathy

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