What is a Numerology Reading?

To grasp the basic concept behind a numerology reading try to wrap your head around the premise that we have led previous lifetimes and will continue living many lifetimes. Fascinating details are to be found in your numbers!

Metaphysicians believe that with each incarnation in earth school we grow in wisdom and consciousness. That prior to each incarnation, we choose the purpose we want to fulfill and the appropriate lessons to aid us in our journey.

Our soul selects our earth name prior to birth, in congruence with the sound of its capacities. According to their vibrations, names attract or repel. Or, like numbers have an affinity for each other.

Here is where it gets spiritually awesome. All our pre-birth business is accomplished by numbers!

According to numerologists, each number has a different and unique vibration. The number that is calculated from your name represents things you were born knowing – your instincts, talents, self-image, etc.

Your birthdate number describes the things you have to learn. Your challenge number is perhaps the most intriguing, as it denotes challenges and the obstacles you must conquer in the process of knowing yourself and reaching your highest potential. Each challenge presents one of the life lessons your soul chose.  

Overall, numerology is a system of mystical arithmetic, which reveals your character, personality and talents, based on 11,000 years of human coincidence.

Numerology Readings

Whether you seek insights about your future, life path or relationship guidance or personal/spiritual growth, numerology can help you. It can even help with planning important milestones such as your wedding or auspicious dates to start a family.

You also have numbers for your personal year, personal month and personal day.  Your personal year number is an indicator of what life circumstances are coming in the areas of career, love, money. You’ll be privileged to know what to avoid and which opportunities vibrate with your life plan.

Your personal month number refers to types of experiences and people you will encounter in the upcoming month. The month number offers further insights to help gauge your personal year progress.

Personal day vibrations focus on moods and timing of events. For example, if a personal day number indicates not to make changes, don’t spend or invest large amounts of money or make lifestyle changes. Hang on for a new day.

If you can read and know basic arithmetic, you can obtain a book on numerology and have fun dabbling with it yourself. However, you will obtain the greatest benefits from a trained numerologist. As with other forms of divination, the interpretation matters.

Books are fine for generalities, but a numerologist will paint your life story by the numbers. Some numerologists are also astrologists; some are psychics or intuitives; others are life coaches.

How do I calculate my numerology?

We usually start with your life path number (or as some call your birth number). To calculate that jot down your date of birth. It will not matter if you write it American style (month-day-year) or English style (day-month-year).

  • Let's say you were born 1st January 2000 = 01/01/2000 = 1+1+2= Life Path Number 4
  • Or August 18th 1995 = 8+1+8+1+9+9+5= (41) (4+1) = Life Path Number 5

Always calculate the numbers down to a final single digit UNLESS you are a master number 11 or 22 or 33

Which is the best number in numerology?

There is no Best Number. Each numerology reading number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or masters 11,22,33 have meanings and characteristics much like the twelve horoscope signs have. It can be fun and insightful to look up your birth number meanings.

What is the most powerful number in numerology?

That will be each of the master numbers 11 or 22 or 33 with 33 having the highest vibrational value.

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