Online Tarot Readings

Online Tarot readings are for you…you…and you. You, the crazy-busy, Type A personality, who expects instant gratification. You, the introvert, who is too shy to seek a phone reading. You, the worrier, who can’t sleep at night for stressing over your problems. All you have to do is ask and Tarot readers will explore and address your most pressing problems.

Tarot readings online are convenient for everyone. No need to drive long distances to get a face-to-face reading. You can sign on the internet any time, any day for a Tarot card reading online.

You’ll find hundreds of reputable, experienced Tarot card readers on the internet. Alternatively, you’d be lucky to find 2-3 readers in your area. Browse through the profiles at several of the larger psychic networks, before you make a final selection. Look for Tarot readers who specialize in your area of concerns, such as career, relationships, personal growth, etc.

Rate the profiles of five Tarot readers, who appeal to you. You need to list several preferences since your 1st choice may not be available.

  • Tip: I can’t speak to how much weight “3rd or 4th generation psychic” carries, but it sounds impressive.
Online Tarot Readings

Next, take a good, slow look at the pictures. While pictures of your favorites may not be worth 1,000 words, they reveal certain personality traits. For instance, a genuine smile, which reaches the eyes indicates a person with plenty of joie de vivre. This implies the Tarot reader would help put a positive spin on your troubles.

Pick out the top three readers, whose pictures and profiles ‘reached out’ to you. Note the psychic network they are affiliated with. Keep the other two in reserve in case your favorites are booked up. Use good, better, best as identifiers, labeling your most favorite best and so on.

Before you take an online reading, check out the newcomer promotional offers associated with your favorite Tarot reader’s networks. Most psychic networks offer discounts to new customers, like the first three minutes free. Some of the top psychic portals offer heavily discounted readings to newbies. 

Finally, compare the regular prices of the three readers you have selected. (What you will pay following promotional offer) Generally, prices range from about $1 to $10 per minute.

Be mindful, you will enjoy total anonymity, in the privacy of your own home, with online Tarot readings. Because the readings are conducted through real-time typing, or real time voice on phone or skype, your reader can reveal the meanings of each Tarot card as it is drawn. Subsequent to your reading, if conducted by chat, you’ll have the ability to save the session transcript and re-read at your convenience.

Tarot readings will enhance your self-confidence. Knowing what to expect in the future, gives you time and confidence to handle whatever comes your way.

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