Pendulum Scrying

A Quick Start Guide to Pendulum Scrying. You’ve often thought you’d make a marvelous psychic, if only you knew how to begin. Metaphysical mentors frequently have their protégées start with a pendulum. Not only is the pendulum the easiest divination tool to master, it is an auspicious way to get your intuitive mojo humming, while at the same time raising your overall vibration.  

Basically, a pendulum is a pendant, which is attached to a chain necklace or leather string. Crystal pendulums are particularly potent. Some people secure a wedding ring on a string or chain. Some people wear them as a talisman or good luck amulet. Pendulums make awesome signature pieces for females. 

Nitty-Gritty of Pendulum Scrying

Working in concert, you and your pendulum can scry for answers to simple yes or no questions. This is an ideal way to get acquainted. Pendulums are labeled ‘scrying tools’, which help facilitate dialogue with spirits and/or connections with the spiritual realm.

Pendulum Scrying

Connecting with your Pendulum

Like many metaphysical tools, you do not choose a pendulum, it chooses you. Browse your favorite New Age bookstore and select 5-6 pendulums that appeal to you aesthetically. Put them aside.

Once you’re done perusing, pick one up, close your eyes and gently hold it in your closed fist. Do you feel tingles up and down your back? Does a pleasant warmth spread over your body? Keep testing until you find the real right one.

Working with your Pendulum

As a rule, people use their dominant hand to operate their pendulum.  Sit down and put your elbow on the kitchen table. Hold the clasp of the chain or knot of thread, etc. between your thumb and pointer finger. Position your palm downward. The crystal or pendant should be dangling about a foot ahead of you.

Now it’s time to chat with your pendulum. Ask it out loud which way it will swing to answer a question “yes”.

Next, ask your Pendulum what direction it will move if the answer is “no”.  Finally, find out what he will do if he doesn’t know the answer.

It may take a few minutes for your Pendulum to gear up. Just watch and wait – he will move either side to side, in a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise or backward and forward. Take note of responses for future reference.

Thank the Pendulum and he will stop moving. You may call it a day at this point or ask a few easy yes or no questions. For example:

  • Is my name blah, blah?
  • Am I a woman?
  • Do I have two children?
  • Am I a secretary?

Practice in short increments until you get used to working with Pendulum Scrying and gain confidence that it is giving correct answers to your questions.

Then you can scry with Pendulum, asking any questions you need answers for.

Pendulum Scrying Readings

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