Psychic Online Readings

A Google search for psychic online readings recently brought up nearly 7 Million results. Yes there are now online psychics here… online psychics there… online psychics everywhere… from Australia to the Bahamas, and from Ireland to the USA and out across the globe in all directions - there are millions of us! 

First, let’s address the capital B-I-G question. How in the name of all that’s good can a stranger, who can’t see you or hear your voice (if it’s chat or email) provide correct answers and insights about your most urgent issues?

We have our ways.

Some channel a Spirit Guide, others rely on their angels, and still others travel to the Astral plane seeking guidance for your particular situation. 

A blessed few psychics perceive through remote viewing. They can describe places and people thousands of miles away. Connecting with a remote viewer is like taking a magic carpet ride with a wise sage.

In my case I tune into and harness the Schumann Resonance – the 7.83 Hz Alpha mind level frequency of the Earths heartbeat.

psychic online reading

This leaves a whole gaggle of them, with varying levels of psychic-ness ranging from Really Good to Just Plain Horrible. Naturally, you want a Really Good Psychic Online Reading.

The next question is – how can you find a Real Good Psychic? While it is possible to somewhat vet a psychic consultant before ordering an online reading, it may defeat your purpose. We live in a mobile, instant gratification society. Chances are, you made the decision to go with e-mail or texting, so that you can read the reply on your commute or during your coffee break.

If you must opt for a psychic e-mail or text reading, here is my 1-2-3 method.

  1. Choose a reputable online psychic reading portal. Here are some portals I recommend
  2. Find a psychic’s picture you resonate with and read the accompanying blurb. Such as “brings clarity, closure and healing”.
  3. Sign up. Ask a question in the free intro time. Wait for the answer.

If your answer resonates you can then proceed with paid time.

Before you engage in a search for a psychic advisor, determine what you want to accomplish.

  • Do you need romantic advice? You need a love psychic. 
  • Do you have career challenges? You need a career psychic. 
  • Do you need a spiritual check-up? You need a spiritual psychic.  

Selecting the correct specialty will narrow the mind-boggling numbers of available psychic consultants. Start your search. We’ll use ‘career psychics’ as an example.

  1. Find the search window on the home page of the psychic portal you have chosen.
  2. Type in the niche you want, for instance: career, love, money, spiritual.
  3. Gaze at photos and pick out three.
  4. Read their profiles.
  5. Do they post articles? Read them.
  6. Any customer comments? Read them.
  7. Pick your preferred advisor.
  8. Sign-up and start the psychic online reading, (using the available free intro time if you're a new client to the portal)

At the end of the day, an objective source will, at minimum, ease your stress. At best, your online psychic will reveal hidden information and help you interpret it.

List of Recommended Psychic Online Reading Portals

I recommend the following accurate psychic networks They all host tried and tested psychics and offer new clients free intro minutes and/or heavily discounted offers.