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Psychic precognition is a phase of clairvoyance that brings knowledge of future events without relying on any physical senses. While clairvoyance is an awareness of past or future events that happen at a distance, precognition is knowing about events that will take place soon. For instance, you may be shown forthcoming events while you are in a dreaming state, during meditation or via flashes of clarity.

The Bible is rich with examples of precognition. For example, the Wise Men were forewarned in a (precognitive) dream, not to return to Herod, but to take a different route home after finding the Christ child.

History is rife with astounding examples of precognition: reportedly some surviving passengers, who were aboard the Titanic, experienced ‘unusual dreams’ of impending disaster, which included many deaths by drowning; for 10 consecutive nights before he was assassinated, Abraham Lincoln had precognitive dreams about a funeral service being held in the White House. When he peered into the coffin, it contained his dead body.

Psychic Precognition

So, are you starting to see that precognition generally speaks to what insurance companies term, “acts of God” and other disastrous events? Frequently, the dream includes clear visions of the near future event, such as Lincoln “seeing’ his own corpse.

Premonition is similar to precognition, except premonition is a feeling that something dreadful might occur at some unknown time in the future. Precognition is an extra sensory perception of knowing that something will happen. Also, precognition usually comes when we are in the dream state and premonitions can take place anytime, day or night. Both involve heightened emotions and/or feelings, such as anxiety, fear or as feelings of doom and gloom that keep nagging at your consciousness.

Let’s explore precognitive dreams. Of course, not all dreams are precognitive, but if you should have one, it will deliver a warning. There is a slim chance to change the outcome.  

Precognitive dreams are often symbolic and may not be understood until the event happens. But, there are literal precognitive dreams where the dreamer can see what is about to happen in vivid detail as if they were participating in the event.

Another identifier of precognitive dreams is that the events aren’t controllable by the dreamer. But, if they are interpreted correctly and proper precautions are put in place, it is possible to change the future outcome.  

Therefore, psychics might consider precognition a blessing, liberally laced with curses. They know what will happen and in some cases, they warn the client, in order to circumvent some disaster. But, how to tell someone they are going to die in the near future? People don’t want to know their date of death and wouldn’t believe it anyway. It can be painful for a psychic to foresee traumatic events, without being able to help the client.

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