Real Psychic Mediumship

To keep the intricacies of Real Psychic Mediumship simple let’s compare psychics to jigsaw puzzles. Let’s suppose the regular psychic is like a 1000-piece puzzle. The psychic possessing 2-3 of the clairs, i.e. clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) may be compared to a 3,000-piece puzzle. But, the intricacies of real psychic mediumship can be equated to a 5,000-piece puzzle.

This comparison is to illustrate the various difficulty levels of psychics. To qualify as a medium, a psychic must be born with the extra-sensory perceptions of ‘seeing’ and ‘talking’ to dead people. This feature usually manifests by age 3-4 and the little medium will be admonished over and over to quit making up stuff.

Take Note: When a child is born into mediumship, well-meaning adults cannot condition it out of him, in the manner they manage to condition vivid imagination from ‘normal’ children. The adult medium is destined to bear gigantic responsibilities and when he speaks, people will hang onto his words. He becomes a luminous center between two worlds - the 3rd-dimensional material world and the spirit world. Mediums have been deemed the bridge between earth and spirits who have crossed it to reach the other side.

Real Psychic Mediumship

Let’s agree that an innate love for humankind and super strength of will earn the medium all the corner pieces, which make up the foundation of the jigsaw puzzle.

True mediums do not rely on metaphysical tools, such as Tarot cards, tea leaves, etc. They can instantly tap into spiritual energy encircling you to gather information from the pertinent spirit. Or, go into a light trance at will, snap back to awakening consciousness and interpret your past, present and future. Pick out all puzzle pieces of mother earth to ground our medium.

The light trance is not to be confused with trance mediumship where the medium goes into deep trance, becoming oblivious to the ‘sitters’ and the spirit(s) he is channeling. (when a group of people gather for a séance, they are called sitters).

In this instance, Channeling involves ‘inviting’ spirit beings to use the medium’s body and speak with his voice. There is a potential risk involved, as the medium goes into a state of total unconsciousness and his physical body becomes an ideal receptacle for spirit entities. Unethical spirits could take the medium’s body hostage.

It takes untold hours of devoted work, usually under a master of mediumship, for a medium to block out malevolent entities and learn safe practices. This is such an intricate maneuver, it’s worth 999 puzzle pieces, all the same color.

Psychic mediumship is right for you if it appears a loved one, who has crossed over, is reaching out to you. Or, vice versa, perhaps you want to contact your spirit person to seek closure. To say, ‘I love you’, one more time. 

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