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Remote Viewing Experts can encounter and describe people, events and locations at great distances. Researchers have determined this extra sensory perception can be developed through practice. But, as the song says, it don’t come easy!

Remote viewing is similar to astral projection, except the person does not leave his physical body and fly or float to various places. You might relate remote viewing to ‘armchair travel’, where only the person’s consciousness projects up to thousands of miles.

A major difficulty in mastering remote viewing is that humans are bounded by time and space. The idea of allowing your mind to wander and experience adventures in faraway places is incredulous. You must stretch your mind beyond the capacities of the five senses.

Remote viewing training is rigorous. Learning to transcend time and space requires an innate ability plus years of dedicated practice to develop confidence and competency.

Real Remote Viewing Experts

Have you heard of The Stargate Project, a top secret project for gathering intelligence? It was conducted by the U.S. Military and Intelligence services during the period 1972-1995. Protocols were established for research to lend a scientific slant to psychic abilities, such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences and so on. Initially, the results were used for espionage dealings. Researchers conceded remote viewing abilities exist.

Note: Big wow! Our scientific-minded society is catching onto wisdom that has existed for centuries in other countries.

Another layer of difficulty in remote viewing is that instead of one exact thing, it is an assorted bag of phenomena. Although there is an emphasis on ‘viewing’, remote viewing partially centers around experiences related to visibility of an object, place, person, etc.  There are small degrees of telepathy-esque, intuition, clairvoyance and more that contribute remote viewing.

Has it ever occurred to you that remote viewing psychics are finders of things, such as lost pets, missing children or misplaced wedding rings? Or that they can be a huge help in locating your lost pet or possessions? Remote viewers also work with law enforcement to locate missing children and/or criminals.

Don’t expect instant gratification and be aware that sometimes psychics can’t hone in on the precise location of your lost item. Finding lost pets or people may be accomplished while the psychic is in a meditative state. When your psychic is open to receive, your pet may send her messages containing clues about how to find them.   

For instance, your psychic may see snippets of the area where your pet is at present – a big oak tree beside a river, traffic noises, several planes overhead (indicating a nearby airport) and so on.

There is no doubt psychic remote viewing adds another dimension to psychic’s techniques. And, you get the rewards!

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