The Seance Party

Get Metaphysical: Grab-up a Psychic - Throw a Seance Party. Whether you want to one-up your circle of friends or just get into the mystic, a séance party rocks it.

You might even get your 15-minute claim to fame, like the “Official Houdini Séance”. Each year, on the month and date of Houdini’s death - October 31, 1926 -  an official séance is held in his honor.

Houdini investigated claims of contact with the spirit world for 30 years, without finding even one authentic instance. But, he did promise his wife he would establish a connection with her, if at all possible. To date, there are no recorded ‘conversations’ with Houdini during séances or by other paranormal means.

I mentioned this because trying to contact loved ones who have transitioned can make for a solemn party. But, summoning famous people from the other side can be lighthearted and often, downright hysterical. Think Elvis, Michael Landon, The Three Stooges, Marilyn Monroe, US Presidents and so on.

How to Host a Seance Party

Seance Party

The Medium

Every séance needs a psychic medium to channel deceased spirits. If you don’t know one, explore some of the large psychic portals on the internet. Or, visit metaphysical book stores in your area. They may be able to put you in touch with a marvelous medium.

The Sitters

Party guests are called ‘sitters’. The ‘rule’ is that each sitter must want to be there. Either seat guests around a round table or in a circle on the floor and have everyone hold hands.

For about 10 minutes, ask sitters to focus on deep breathing. Have soft background music playing.

Let the Séance Begin

Turn out the lights. Candlelight entices the spirits and gives off enough light to see each other. Burn incense if desired.  

Turn the séance over to your psychic medium, who will instruct the group to concentrate on spirit(s) they wish to contact.

The medium summons spirits to join the séance. He may use a metaphysical tool such as the Ouija board or pendulum. Or, she may go into a trance state and channel spirits directly.

Then sit.

Release all expectations. The spirit(s) may not answer or may answer, but communicate nonsense and refuse to answer questions about the sweet hereafter.

It is possible to attract mean-spirited spirits, in which case, the medium will politely invite them to leave. It they refuse, the medium will abruptly close the séance.

Otherwise, he will close the séance when or if spirits fail to show up.

The After Seance Party

Have the psychic medium entertain questions and clear up any confusions.

Communication with spirits has always fascinated us. Some need closure – to say things that didn’t get said before a loved one crosses over. But, for the most part, humans are downright curious to know what the spirit world is like.

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