Spells of Magic

The Good and the Bad of Casting Spells of Magic. Energy manipulation is the crux of spell casting. Good spells (and spell casters) operate on the occult principle that by saying a thing is true, it is. After a spell is completed, “for the highest good of all concerned”, the intention will manifest on the physical plane.

Principles of Casting Spells of Magic

Words and thoughts used in spell casting have specific vibrations, which influence the type of mental energy the practitioner will project. For instance, the psychic who uses harmful (bad) spell casting attracts “bad luck”. When demonstrations, (spells) are powered-up with positive energy, with the intention of doing good or helping the requestor, good luck will be attracted.

Spellworkers must assume the responsibility of never using magical powers to harm another living being or control their free will.

Good Spells vs. Bad Spells

Good Types of Spells

  • Attract lucrative job or get promotion.
  • Find love.
  • Attract money quickly.
  • Attract new, qualified customers for business owners.
  • Relieve stress.

Bad Types of Spells

  • Make specific person fall in love with you.
  • Cause husband to leave wife, vice versa
  • Project revenge toward another person
Spells of Magic

To do your own spells of magic or not?

The best answer is – yes, no, maybe.

YesIf you’re anxious to get busy spell casting, I suggest you try to manifest something abstract, such as becoming a more positive person, letting go of harmful habits, etc.

NoWhen you attempt to manifest something physical, your mind will chatter and try to imagine where the object, such as a new home or car, will come from. How will it find you? You’ll probably lose focus and wonder how this spell stuff works.

MaybeIf your mind is disciplined and if you’re certain you won’t cast bad spells, practice a few simple spells.

It is usually best to find a psychic mentor, who is experienced in casting good spells. The process could take months, even years.  

Scamming Spell Casters – The internet is rife with spellworkers who want nothing more than all the money in your bank and give nothing in return. Their names even sound fake, such as Dr. Oboojubo or Rev. Goldfoot. Seriously?

Their email addresses and websites change frequently. Or, they operate out of P.O. Boxes and use prepaid telephones. Beware of anyone using a Dr. or Rev. prefix and also stay clear of the old "satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded" lark.

The scammer and your money will depart by the time you realize the spell you ordered was never cast. Plus, even the best, reputable spell caster can’t guarantee every spell will work every time.

Reputable Spell Casters

Listen to your intuition. A compassionate, professional spell caster is always kind, never intimidating. She may request your date of birth and/or picture, but will not ask for your social security or bank account numbers.

The trustworthy spell caster will provide picture proof that your spell was completed. He will never request more money to complete your spell.

Harry Potty Spells

On a lighter note, you may want to read some rather potty spells of magic as used in the Harry Potter franchise.

Engage Real Spells of Magic

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