What are Spiritual Psychic Readings? 

Spiritual Psychic Readings differ from Tarot and general Psychic readings in various ways. While Tarot Spreads are a popular tool in fortune telling, and general psychic readings most often suit question and answers about our future possibilities, someone with deep spiritual awareness will do better with consulting a reader with solid spiritual foundations. 

Spiritual based readings are more personally empowering. Another way of looking at it is to say the general reading is for questions like "What is going to happen?" vs spiritual reading is "What can I do to improve?"

Don't make the mistake of thinking 'spiritual' means religious! I've said it often, but will repeat it here as it is very relevant to the subject, Spirituality brings people together, because oneness is at the very foundation of all spiritually minded people. Religion tends to seperate people into differing groups with their own dogma. Wars have long been fought over religious differences. Silly, Sad, and Unnecessary in my mind.

But enough on that! Back to your question about seeking advice from a spiritual psychic.

What can Spiritual Psychic Readings do for you?

Spiritual Psychic Readings

A spiritual psychic can act as your mentor. They will take you under their sheltering wings and guide you from a state of spiritual stuck-ness.

Are you concerned about being subjected to mainstream religious dogma? Not to worry. Psychics are spiritual beings in a human skin, just like you and me. Your person may be active in particular religious beliefs. Another may be Atheist. Know this: spiritual teachings transcend religion.  

Do you see that you don’t need to travel your spiritual journey alone? To bear the fruits of your spiritual beliefs requires assistance from a Higher Companion. You will find one in a psychic who specializes in spiritual teachings.

As you begin your journey to spiritual enlightenment, you will naturally have questions. A quality psychic can help serious seekers achieve clarity, inner-peace and wholeness.

But it is not among the better ideas to test them. When invited to pose questions, skeptics may answer something like: Well, you’re the psychic. Why don’t you tell me?

Some people close themselves off, to make it hard for the psychic to read their energy. Not only are these actions disrespectful, they are a waste of time and money.

What Questions Do I Ask in a Spiritual Psychic Reading?

Here are a few questions to give you a starting point:

What is my purpose? What am I supposed to accomplish? Why am I here?

You chose your lifetime “work” before birth. Unfortunately, by about age 7, memories of Original Home fade from human memory. Your psychic can connect with your spirit guides and get answers to these types of questions.

Why do I continue to face recurring negative events? What can I do to make better choices?  

You also set out a series of lessons for your soul to learn in earth school. When you don’t recognize negative events as lessons or if you keep doing the same things, hoping for a positive outcome, such events will be presented again and again.

Again, your psychic can tap into higher realms and pass on insights she receives from Spirit.

What is my spiritual gift?

Prior to birth, you chose a specific gift to develop during this lifetime. Subtle nuances will poke and prod at you from time to time, as if saying, “Look at me.”

Questions of this nature may require several readings, where your psychic advisor will push, pull and tug to help you remember.

It’s not that Spirit doesn’t remember or that your spiritual psychic doesn’t sense your innate talents. It is that your gift is personal to you. When you begin to remember, you will know how to express your spiritual side for the highest good of all.

This is called awakening. And it is a very good place to be.

I have been giving Spiritual Psychic Readings for many years.