Tarot Horoscope Connections

The 22 cards of the major arcana hold the following Tarot Horoscope Connections. 

 Tarot and Astrology

When it comes to the merging of astrology and the tarot the Major Arcana cards do correspond with specific planets, the moon, and the stars. Though different scholars each have their own opinions in some ways, there is a representation that we see more often than not. This is the one that we'll be listing as it is the most used. When using astrology alongside the tarot, you will be opening a different viewpoint that could be quite a bit of help to you in your readings. A better understanding, if you will. The use of connecting the horoscope signs to the tarot, no matter the opinion, is centuries old. 

Remember to read your tarot cards and balance the zodiac and the Arcana. If you read something confusing or something that doesn't align, you may want to step away from your spread for a short time and relax. Clarity cannot come with stress or aggravation. 

Tarot Horoscope Connections

22 Major Arcana Tarot Horoscope Connections

Major Arcana and Astrological Signs

  1. The Fool - Uranus - Thought, new ideas, and experiment.
  2. The Magician - Mercury - Enlivening, connection, and understanding.
  3. The High Priestess - Moon - Mood, subconscious, and intuition.
  4. The Empress - Venus - Pleasure, music, love, art, and beauty.
  5. The Emperor - Aries - Ambition, demand, and active.
  6. The Hierophant - Taurus - Patience, subtle strength, and instruction.
  7. The Lovers - Gemini - Indecision, communication, and intelligence. 
  8. The Chariot - Cancer - Diplomatic, selective, and impulsive.
  9. Strength - Leo - Warmth, faithful, and generosity. 
  10. The Hermit - Virgo - Reflective, observant, and practical. 
  11. The Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter - Expansion, hope, and good luck.
  12. Justice - Libra - Truth, justice, and balance.
  13. The Hanged Man - Neptune - Psychic, illusion, and imagination.
  14. Death - Scorpio - Unyielding, purposeful, and transient.
  15. Temperance - Sagittarius - Optimism, motion, and philosophy. 
  16. The Devil - Capricorn - Dominance, willful, and determined.
  17. The Tower - Mars - Courage, assertive, and intense.
  18. The Star - Aquarius - Serious, humanitarian, and insightful.
  19. The Moon - Pisces - Depth, reactive, and imagination.
  20. The Sun - Sun - Creativity, energy, and vitality.
  21. Judgment - Pluto - Experience, enlightenment, and perspective. 
  22. The World - Saturn - Discipline, depth, and patience.


The more that you use this example the more you will begin to fully gather the benefits of using both sources within a reading. This is simply a guideline for your use. Remember that few things are ever certain and lives are ever changing. Read your cards as you normally would but expand your consciousness to the sources of the zodiac to gain even more insight during a reading. These two sources complement each other in great ways!

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