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Free results of my Facebook Tarot Read for Spread 25

If you have found this page without Facebook and not picked a card yet it is not too late!

  • Focus on the Tarot Cards in the image below, 
  • think of your question, 
  • project the question into the crystal ball, 
  • notice which of the five cards you are attracted to first, 
  • scroll down and read your answer below. 

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Tarot Read - Spread 25

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

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Free Facebook Tarot Reading |  Spread 25 Results

Card 1 Keyword = Ability

  • It may seem like everyone around you is hypnotized. Why can’t others see what you see? Do not wait for the approval or the go-ahead from another. You know what needs doing, you can do it. And YOU are the one to decide. Do it and you will inspire those who look to you for guidance.

Card 2 Keyword = Anxiety

  • There is an easier way to get through what concerns you. Trust that, while you may worry, there is very capable help taking care of things. It’s time to trust in others, real or imagined, and know that all is to be OK. Knowing that all is going to be good, what would you do next? Do that thing.

Card 3 Keyword = Optimism

  • I have a sense of amplification. Perhaps it’s time to tell the world about something, something you may have been holding back on.  It is as if what you intend or hope for is going to turn out much bigger, better, easier than your own foresight can imagine. I also sense great distance so this may relate to long term ambition rather than short term whims and fancy. So, with something serious in mind, just go for it, you are on a winner!

Card 4 Keyword = Revelation

  • You are bathed in brightness and joy. Come out of your shell and reveal your real self. Whatever expressing your own truth means to you, let it out. This is not a time to hang around in the shadows/sidelines. While you may well know that you are a divine spirit in a human body, this is a message to let that divinity burst through into full expression.

Card 5 Keyword = Achievement

  • I can see your success. The desire that appears out of reach is made possible in divinely appropriate ways. This means you may hesitate and fear going forward. Trust in the magic of the universe, go for what you really want, and when close enough, (and only when close enough), you too will see the absolute possibility. Proceed slow and steady, in a natural rhythm. Stay in tune with your environment. While writing this I can hear the tick, tick, tick of a musician’s metronome signifying the steady beat of your progress.  

For this Free Tarot Reading  I used my deck of The Victorian Romantic Tarot

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