Tarot Reading by Email

If you’ve never experienced a Tarot Reading by Email, you may think it seems a little dubious. Shouldn’t you shuffle the cards to infuse your energy? How can your reader connect with your energy when she can’t see your facial expressions or read your subtle body-language? Can you really trust the results of a long-distance Tarot reading?

Put your worries away! Working on an intuitive and vibrational (energy) level, Tarot transcends time and space. Some readers can connect with energies in higher realms where all things exist at the same time. Tarot readers, who are also psychics, may rely on remote viewing. Using their sixth sense, they can retrieve information and gather details about people, places and things thousands of miles away. 

As in my own TarotVision™ E-Readings, these types basically use the Tarot cards as a focus for the reading, but they read intuitively, rather than deferring to the cookie cutter meanings of each card.

The third type Tarot reader memorizes what each card means and connects their meanings to tell a story that offers information and guidance concerning your issues.

Surprisingly, many Tarot readers report they prefer emails rather than live or phone readings. They have time to delve into deeper meanings of the cards. Their concentration isn’t interrupted by the querent’s frequent questions.  

Advantages to you (the querent) include:

  • you can take your leisurely time to formulate your questions, 
  • ideal for issues that don’t need instant answers, 
  • good method for busy people who can’t earmark a specific time for a live reading.

It may be more comfortable to write about embarrassing topics than to discuss them in a live reading. You can detach from the issues and focus objectively on your concerns.  You are apt to being more open, more at ease, when in your home environment. Your energy won’t be erratic, which lets the psychic or distance reader tap into your energy easier.

You will have a written transcript for future reference, because some of the information you received has yet to happen. You can re-read the transcript later to refresh your memory.

Your email Tarot reading often addresses the root of the matter, as the reader is not rushed like in a live reading. She may discover certain aspects of the cards that called for deep introspection, making you the beneficiary of extra insights and information.

Sometimes email Tarot readers continue to correspond with you, perhaps with additional insights or information. Or, you may find the reading brings up questions, where you need to consult your Tarot reader for clarification. Clients have reported that the association is much like receiving emails from a faraway friend.

Finally, email Tarot readings are more cost-effective. You will pay a flat fee upfront and be done. Whereas with online, real time chats or telephone readings, you will be charged by the minute.

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