Tarot Reading Free Spread 27

Results now revealed for my Tarot Reading Free Spread 27 on Facebook

If you have found this page without Facebook and not picked a card yet it is not too late!

  • Focus on the Tarot Cards in the image below, 
  • think of your question, 
  • project the question into the crystal ball, 
  • notice which of the five cards you are attracted to first, 
  • scroll down and read your answer below. 

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Tarot Reading Free Spread 27

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

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Facebook Tarot Reading Free Spread 27 Results

Card 1 Keyword = Abundant

  • What may seem a bit prickly on the outside is lush and golden on the inside. So, it may need a little courage to get past a fear or insecurity, but going for it is so well worth the effort. The perfect time for taking action is here now. But no rush, this window lingers a while. I feel you hold the key to a big dream that has been out of your reach before now. Luck is with you!

Card 2 Keyword = Intuition

  • You have some divine inspiration waiting to come out from within you. It may just be a hunch that you are ignoring at the moment.  But find time to sit in your own silence and ask that inner wisdom to make itself known to you, and you will find something brilliant bubbles up into your consciousness in no time at all. Because I note some paperwork I feel it becomes official. What flows to you is for you!

Card 3 Keyword = Insecure

  • My feeling here is that you are influenced by your surroundings. I’m shown you have the answers, but you may not be listening to your own inner wisdom. It’s time for you to take the lead and make a success out of what you have at hand. Do not waste time trying to convince others who are just not that interested. Be true, decisive and proactive.

Card 4 Keyword = Stability

  • Even though things seem good as they are, this is a message to let you know it can all be even better. I’m really drawn to something at a distance. It feels like you are not yet aware of greater opportunity lining up for you. You will be tempted out of your comfort zone. That temptation has substance and truth. But it may all seem too good to be true to you. Be steady yet adventurous and you can go far. 

Card 5 Keyword = Chaos

  • A shake up that, at first, may be thought of as problematic is really a blessing in disguise. You are safe, it is only change! Once you realize the good in the situation you will welcome the new in all its splendour. And if you are smart enough to make a move before the destined change, you can multiply the good in the situation many-fold.

For this Tarot Reading Free Spread I used my Arcus Arcanum Tarot Deck by Gunter Hager. Now long out of print it appears to be a quite valuable deck. I found this pack of cards by chance while travelling through Sweden in the early 1990's. I've read with this, well travelled, deck on various trips around the world including the UK, USA, Sweden, India, Australia and New Zealand.

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