DIY Tarot Reading Spreads

Why make up your own Tarot Reading Spreads? Here's the Psychic DIY. Do you get bored easily? Must you always have ‘it’ your way? Are you always looking for more?  Sounds like you’re a curious person, who would delight in creating your own Tarot spreads.

It takes a curious type of person to get bored with the wide, wonderful world of Tarot. Tarot teaches, heals, forewarns, exposes occult knowledge, gives practical advice, recommends the best course of action and more.

At some point during your Tarot journey, you may be inspired to create a spread that will invigorate your Tarot sessions. Especially if you are reading for clients. You want them to experience the best of Tarot and leave with that Aha! feeling.

Besides that, you’ve never met a challenge you didn’t accept, have you?

But, Tarotologists have used spreads such as the Celtic Cross for centuries. Is there an established protocol for messing around with antiquity?  

There are different schools of thought about when or if it’s a good idea to make up your own spreads. One camp advocates crafting your own ways of laying out the cards from the get-go. Why?

Because you’ll have the Tarot experience your way!

A different camp fosters learning the cards and logging a lot of practice hours, using traditional Tarot spreads before creating your own spreads.   

For instance, you may find that after mastering meanings of the cards, using established spreads seems self-limiting.

What if your energy doesn’t resonate with either school of thought? What if like painting yourself into a corner, doing Tarot spreads the same old way they have always been done, stifles your creativity? That is a good indication of psychic ability.

If you are psychic you will want to read the cards in your own way.

What if I provide you with the correct answer?

You are the expert here. Other people can suggest, but you are the only one who intuitively knows when you are ready to make up your own layout. Or, as in my own case, not use Tarot Reading Spreads at all!.

If you never experience the desire to dabble in different layouts, don’t fret.  Lots of people stay on the well-traveled Tarot path. Alternatively, some Tarot readers are always chasing one brilliant creation after another, as if the cards themselves fit the spread to the client.  

What if you’re not an avid risk taker, yet you’re seeing a pattern in your readings where the answer isn’t clear in one or more categories? Rather than making up your own spread to fix the problem, you could tweak an existing spread.

For instance, you’re using the 3-card spread and the outcome card is muddy. Rather than a resolution, the answer leads to more questions.

The next time you lay out the cards, draw a clarifier card and lay it crosswise on the naughty card. When you’re ready, study the clarifier and outcome card simultaneously, for a cohesive answer.  

So – why make up your own Tarot spreads?

Because you can! 

Psychics using Tarot Reading Spreads

You will find plenty of psychics who love to use the Tarot in their readings on the main psychic networks I recommend and list here.

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