Get Paid for Tarot Readings on Fiverr

Here’s how to get into business providing tarot readings on Fiverr. 

  • Are you stuck in the idea stage of posting Tarot gigs on Fiverr?
  • Are you concerned that Fiverr may not be legitimate?
  • Are you worried about devaluing your work at $5.00 a pop? 

If so, sounds like you could use some dynamite advice!

Fiverr is a legit online marketplace, which placed in the top 200 websites in the US and globally for the most web traffic. Fiverr’s concept is not about selling your good stuff on the cheap. Learn upselling aka Gig Extras or add-ons, which permit you to establish fair prices for your services.

Action Step: Browse for existing Tarot readers, paying particular attention to pricing. Note descriptions and prices for Tarot ‘packages’.  For example, a one question reading is typically priced at $5.00. For a Standard 10 card Celtic Cross reading, prices vary from $15.00 - $40.00.

One Card, One Question

The one card, one question Tarot reading makes-up a basic package, which has its advantages. Basic gigs are comparative to loss-leaders in the retail industry. Where supermarkets might feature products at ½ price or buy one, get one free as loss-leaders, you will answer one question on a specific topic.

Tarot Readings on Fiverr

As you know, people seeking answers via a Tarot reading are primarily interested in romance or finance. These are two different gigs. Word gig descriptions something like this:

Do you have a burning question about your finances? I will read one Tarot card and provide valuable insights and guidance regarding your concern.

Action Step:  Write gig descriptions, focusing on your areas of expertise, such as: love, money, health, career, etc. Some of your competitors offer a 3-card basic reading. It’s your call.

Later you can add-on descriptions for Premium and Standard readings.

Dynamite Advice: Remember nesting dolls where the tiny doll is inside a bigger doll, inside an even bigger doll and so on to the biggest? As a beginner on Fiverr, think of yourself as the tiniest Tarot reader, who only provides services to a few clients.  Set big goals and grow exponentially. 

Advantages of Offering Basic Tarot Readings

Well, you have to start somewhere. The idea is to build your brand on Fiverr by getting noticed. Without giving away the store, basic readings will show clients that you know your stuff. A happy client keeps coming back. Satisfied clients recommend you to their friends. You’ll start getting link-love too.

Dynamite Advice: In the corporate environment, beginners are advised to dress up. Or dress as if you were already on the next level. For instance, a receptionist wearing a suit will get promoted before her co-worker wearing jeans.

As a Tarot reader – the corporate example translates to - give it your ALL. Don’t focus on the few shekels you are earning at present. Do provide quality work, as if you were making $100 a reading.

Never lose sight of the fact that you chose a helping profession. So, help your clients and the Universe will reward you. It really doesn’t have another choice…

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The information above (and below) equally relates to other psychic abilities you may want to offer on Fiverr. Click Here for psychics on Fiverr

Free Advertising for your Tarot Readings on Fiverr

OK, so you have set yourself up to provide paid Tarot Readings on and you want to get as much exposure as possible. Write an interesting guest post for me to publish here on and I will provide a link to your Fiverr profile. (I can do that for free because I am an affiliate for Fiverr and they will pay me a small commision for every new client I send their way. I can send new clients direct to you and still get paid. Cool hey?)

I have a few more tips on setting up Psychic Jobs here.

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