Free TarotVisions Reading | Facebook Spread 24

Here are the results of my TarotVisions Reading on Facebook for Spread 24

If you have found this page without Facebook and not picked a card yet it is not too late!

  • Focus on the Tarot Cards in the image below, 
  • think of your question, 
  • project the question into the crystal ball, 
  • notice which of the five cards you are attracted to first, 
  • scroll down and read your answer below. 

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TarotVisions Spread 24

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

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Free Facebook TarotVisions Reading |  Spread 24 Results

Card 1 Keyword = Influential

  • The stage is yours. Be the star that you are and shine your light. But remember, it is not what you say, but what you do that carries weight. No need to manipulate others, just create the right environment and all will fall into place.

Card 2 Keyword = Renewal

  • It is a good time to let go of past struggles. Be optimistic and be open to new beginnings. A good path opens to you and it would be wise to set foot upon it. I’m not saying forget about your troubles, but learn from them so you are better prepared in the future. I see a helping, healing guide walking forward with you from this point.

Card 3 Keyword = Focus

  • Stay sharp, and keep your eye on the game. You can easily win, but just as easily miss out. I’m seeing two people after the same prize. Keep a grip, hone your will. Avoid all distractions. You may just have to reach out and take it, before someone else does.

Card 4 Keyword = Assurance

  • OK, there is something you have your eye on, yet you focus on what is in the way. Look past the blocks. Do not be distracted by insecurity. This is a message to be calm and determined and act in the wisest of ways. Your happiness ship does come in. So, don’t worry, you are to be happy indeed.

Card 5 Keyword = Enthusiasm

  • Good news. Experience should have taught you how to do things in smart ways in future endeavours. Now the opportunity to put that experience into practice opens for you. Get excited yes, but do not take silly risks. Channel your enthusiasm into the most sensible of directions.

For this Free TarotVisions Reading  I used my deck of The Robin Wood Tarot

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