The Teenage Psychic

Encouragement for the Teenage Psychic. Teens, who experience a psychic awakening, in today’s predominantly non-psychic society, face much fear and confusion. Peers call them ‘crazy’. Non-psychic parents misunderstand them and may chalk-up their teen’s psychic gifts to an overactive imagination or lying. Lacking the right direction can result in a disturbing experience for the teen, which typically leads to overwhelming stress and depression.

We are all born with varying degrees of psychic abilities. Unfortunately, these innate abilities do not come with a handbook of use. Kids, who are born with highly-developed abilities, adapt to them easily, like learning to walk and talk. Yet, society has its way of conditioning natural psychic abilities out of children. As a result, they may stuff their gifts away and try to forget about them.

However, it is quite common for the psychic awakening to blossom during the teen years. Without means to master this strange phenomenon that is ‘happening’ to him, he might go into sensory overload. Such events as prophetic dreams, seeing or sensing spirits (clairvoyance), hearing voices when no one is around (clairaudience) or feeling other people’s energy, emotions and/or pain (clairsentience) can accelerate stress and anxiety.  

The Teenage Psychic

The ideal environment for kids and/or teenage psychics is in a psychic family of origin. These parents know how to guide and nurture their gifted child. But, non-psychic parents must be careful not to belittle their psychic teenager. 

Knowledge is the enemy of ignorance. Knowing she is not the only teen experiencing psychic awakening will relieve her concerns about being “different”. It may provide great comfort for him to realize you are willing to help with research about psychics.

You’ll find practicing psychics a compassionate resource. The psychic can explain to both of you what your teen is experiencing emotionally, provide guidance and direction and show him where to find resources for future skill development.

Help for the Teenage Psychic

Encourage your teenager to read about psychic development and learn to honor her spiritual gift. One of the most powerful acts of psychics is literacy. Reading enriches and enhances life.

The Rosicrucian website is a good point of beginning. Here, your teen (and you) will find a wealth of materials to develop “Mastery of Life”.  The Rosicrucian Order has been around since 1915. If you are interested in attending a meeting, a map is available on the website of local Rosicrucian groups or you can check the telephone book.

Another alternative is metaphysical/new age bookstores. They stock a treasure trove of esoteric books and most offer classes on subjects such as, aura reading, meditation, understanding dreams and more.

Indigo Children are now recognised as the group where teens demonstrate good psychic abilities.  I have more info on Indigo Teen Psychics here.

Final Words:

Teen years are tumultuous enough, with peer pressure, studies, raging hormones and trying to establish their identity. So that layering on a psychic awakening could prove traumatic.   

Love your psychic child. Help nurture his/her spiritual gifts of awareness. Be there.

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