What Can Astrology Predictions Reveal?

Astrology Predictions can improve self awareness of your soul journey, life lessons and spiritual gifts. Your astrology chart is the blueprint of your life. Let’s be perfectly clear –  while some psychics are also astrologers - most professional astrologers do not make psychic predictions. Your astrologer will determine where the planets were positioned and their connections with one another at the precise moment you were born.

The exact hour of birth is essential, because it situates the position of the planets in one of the sectors in the sky. Astrologers refer to the planet’s position in the ‘houses’.

Using complicated mathematical calculations, they pinpoint which part of the zodiac was in the uppermost sky at the time and date of your birth.  Without getting into intricate technicalities, your astrologer will generate a natal chart that spans your lifetime.

Next, she will advance the planets from your birth to the present date. One common technique in moving the planets is ‘transits’, which suggest mutual astrological effects of each person on a specific date. Transits are like life lessons. Recognizing them, when transits appear in our birth chart, presents an opportunity to make positive changes. Otherwise, the universe would continue testing us.

‘Secondary progressions’ are a valuable method that reveals the unique promises contained in your natal chart and predictions of how your life will unfold, according to influences of your birth.

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Be mindful, that you were born with a unique set of personality traits, talents, natural aptitudes and skills you can develop. It is up to you to recognize and master those you resonate with.

To generate your forecast, your astrologer refers to your birth chart, transits and secondary progressions, taking into account the zodiac, houses, lunar influences, sun, planetary alignment and various miscellaneous factors.

She may determine that you have an upcoming propensity for an extended stretch of bad luck. So, you will be aware of signs to watch for and you are at choice to make changes that will divert or eradicate the root cause of potential commiserations.

You’re likely familiar with signs of the zodiac from fortune-cookie-esque horoscopes in magazines, newspapers, etc. Your sign is thought to define your personality traits. Just be mindful that daily horoscopes are general, whereas your natal chart is all about you.

In essence, your birth chart reflects a picture of your highest potential, your blueprint of life. It is also the big picture of how the universe looked at your birth moment. Astrology predictions are grounded in facts.

If you are serious about your soul journey, life lessons and spiritual gifts…If you are passionate about developing the awareness to evolve in consciousness… astrology is for you.

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