Free Psychic Readings Online

The notion of a free psychic reading online is tempting. Still, it pays to be cautious. After all, we’re talking about the internet, where scams abound. And why would a popular psychic interrupt his busy schedule to offer free services?  

Savvy marketers frequently use a similar method to attract customers. This is called ‘loss leaders’. For instance, a tea room might offer free tea with a purchase of their sweets or savories. It’s worth the price of tea to sell expensive accompaniments.

Same principle, when a metaphysical website offers free readings, they are willing to take a small loss, in return for building a customer base.  Or, they may be promoting psychics who recently came on board.

If you can wrap your head around the fact that all business owners are out to improve their bottom line, you just might get a worthwhile reading. Be mindful, free readings are by nature, short and fit the general population better than a specific person. Many are computerized, especially free astrology or numerology readings.

free psychic reading

It pays to conduct research before signing up for a free psychic reading. This is called ‘due diligence’. A good place to begin is with a Google search for ‘free psychic readings’ or if you prefer a certain method, search for ‘free Tarot card readings’, etc.

Save three impressive websites and rate each of them. You won’t be able to conduct an in-depth investigation, but here are several points to ponder:

  • Read reviews from previous clients
  • Look for ‘fine print’. What’s wrong with this picture – get one honest answer from a live psychic. Small print at bottom - *with purchase of introductory package.
  • How long have they been in operation?
  • Must you furnish your name, birthdate and email address to get accepted for free reading?
  • Does their web presence appear credible?
  • Extra credit for psychic sites that promise satisfactory free readings and give you another free trial to find a better match.

Now, consider which site would better serve your needs. For instance, if your question is about romance, are ‘love psychics’ available for free readings?  

Then, consider your preferred type of reading, i.e. Tarot cards, strictly clairvoyant, email or psychic chat.

Finally, rate the sites 1-3, according to your research.

But, you aren’t quite ready to obtain your free reading. Think about how you want to proceed after your free reading. If you and the psychic clicked, would you be inclined to continue on a paid basis?

If your budget won’t stretch to include a premium psychic reading, you can explore different sites until you are satisfied. Search Google for: ‘6-minute free psychic reading’. A couple of six minute readings should get to the crux of your problem.

Happy Hunting!

Recommended Free Psychic Reading Sites

I know the following psychic sites offer new clients free intro minutes and/or discounts. 

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