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Think of the unique benefits of an astrology reading as attending the University of Y.O.U. The unfolding development of your natal chart is like examining your soul under a microscope. Living becomes a richer experience once you “know thyself”.

Who doesn’t long to know what the future holds? The key to your future lies somewhere in your past. You can’t understand your future, without first understanding your past, which simply means you must, first of all, know yourself.

Your character is largely determined by the sign your sun was in at the precise moment of your birth. This is where your astrologer goes first when interpreting your horoscope. What better way to know yourself than by going back as far as possible to your birth?

To get down to the nitty-gritty of your unique you-ness, your astrologer relies on complicated systems of math and science. Astrology is a tool for personal advice in all aspects – career, relationships, the best place to live, health, finances and more.

For instance, if you are concerned about your career – are you in the right career, do you have an upcoming opportunity to change jobs, make more money, be more fulfilled, etc. – your Astrology Career Report can lead you toward the right career track.

Astrology has established degrees of compatibility that exist between people born under the various Zodiac signs. Some groups of people are suited for each other and others aren’t. Astrological Compatibility Charts can help you find a compatible life partner. Couple’s Compatibility Charts can assess your chances of finding fulfillment and enduring happiness with your current partner.   

You are born with a set of character traits, inclinations, tendencies and karma. Whether or not you will make use of them to your fullest potential is determined by your free will.

Keep in mind that astrology is all about proclivities. You have free choice to change the outcome in any situation.  So, while your natal chart can point out the positive and negative qualities associated with your birth, they are developed more or less according to your choices. For example, a person born with criminal tendencies, does not necessarily become a criminal. Because, negative qualities aren’t impossible to change. Again, that naughty or nice free will comes into play.

The real deal is you’ll find it difficult to know yourself. Your Astrology Zone can tell you more about yourself than various other systems, including psychology. In knowing your inadequacies, you can work to conquer them, which will save you a great deal of unhappiness. In revealing your talents, you can work to develop them and live a successful, fulfilled life.

I have no desire to indicate Astrology is the only path to knowing yourself. It is, however, the only system with centuries of human experience as its backdrop.

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