What is a Business Psychic?

Entrepreneur and Business Psychic Advice: - Not very long ago, not too far away, psychics got tons of bad press - “Fakes…Scam Artists…Mumbo Jumbo…Charlatans…Woo Woo…Hokey”. Even in our enlightened age, a large segment of mainstream society still attaches a negative stereotype to all things psychic, including Astrology, Tarot, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Empaths, Intuitive Counselors, etc. - But, listen up, for times they are a-changing!

One demographic holds psychics in high esteem and aren’t embarrassed to admit making good use of their intuitive guidance and direction.

I am talking psychic advice for the business world. And, I'm not just referring to mom and pop grocery stores. Tycoons, icons, entrepreneurs, executives and other savvy sorts in the world of BIG business, are routinely engaging a new breed of corporate clairvoyants.

‘Suits’ with influential positions in Real Estate, Wall Street, entertainment, computer technology, financial services and many more, want that ‘strategic edge’ a clairvoyant counselor can provide. Predictions and guidance about mergers and acquisitions, fate of the economy and new product launches are all in the business psychic’s day.

Psychics have taken a stance against naming their clients, as it would be an invasion of their privacy. But, businessmen who are talking, make comments, such as (paraphrased):  "my psychic is my secret weapon", "if you can afford him, you will get 100 times your money’s worth", "credible source and helped my business thrive".

Business Psychic Advice

Psychic advisors for big business can just about set their own fees. Some charge $100 per hour and up and top name psychics command $10,000 plus, per month. Can you guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank now?

Before you launch a new business, it’s a good idea to schedule a session with me. I can help with sticky details, such as the best location for your premises, prime time to schedule the opening and selecting the best name for your new business. As your corporate clairvoyant I can show you savvy ways to promote your brand, suggest designs for your logo, help compose your motto and develop marketing strategies. 

Research conducted by IBISWorld found the Psychic Services Industry has a $2Bn revenue and experienced a healthy growth spurt between 2010-2015. Researchers projected increased performance in psychic services to continue during the following five years, up to 2020, due to recuperating economic conditions.

As a successful leader in the business world you realize the value of your people. Here are some of the positive changes to boost employee morale that I have suggested in the past:

  • Establish a ‘stress release’ room where employees may meditate or take short naps to revitalize their energy.
  • An excellent stress reliever is to engage a masseuse to provide back and neck massages.
  • Set up interactive sessions on meditation, stress management tools, enhanced communication, heightening creativity, etc.

Bottom Line

Where psychic advice for the business world is concerned the paranormal is the new normal!

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