Psychic Clairvoyance Definitions

This Clairvoyance Definition begins with understanding the difference between the five physical senses – smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing and feeling - and the deeper senses that exist in the mind. Clairvoyance or clear seeing is one of the internal psychic powers we all possess to some level. 

In essence, clairvoyance is an awareness of past, present or future external events, which are not transmitted via the five senses. Current events, happening at a distance, are viewable by clairvoyants; as well as clear precognition of future events.

Divine Clairvoyance is a spiritual gift. Some people are born with highly developed clairvoyance, which manifests itself to the child at an early age. Little clues such as seeing the spirit of a deceased relative, playing with a friend who is invisible to others or even seeing chakra colors around people, serve to alert parents their child is “special”.

Everyone has psychic clairvoyant powers, but they remain latent in most people, or until such time the individual consciously begins to develop them.  

The natural born clairvoyant taps into inner-wisdom and inherent knowingness of ways to use their spiritual gifts. Others must come to the realization that they want to heighten their awareness of external events and facts surrounding them.

Psychic Clairvoyance Definitions

Your 3rd eye is in between your two physical eyes, in the middle of your forehead. Even the skeptical scientific community acknowledges clairvoyance aka viewing via the 3rd eye. One scientific hypothesis is that our pineal gland was once an eye. To date, nobody really knows if we started out with one eye, which contracted into our brain, in deference of our two physical eyes. But the mystery remains open to speculation about whether or not it was always a 3rd eye linking us to Spirit.   

Continuing this psychic clairvoyance definition, you will gain more understanding by trying various methods, such as prayer, meditation, affirmations, creative visualization, etc. to nurture your sleeping power of clear seeing. Working with a mentor who can guide you and gauge your progress is the ideal.

How Different Clairvoyants Use Their Gifts

Clairvoyance Definition - The Use Of These Gifts

If you’ve always thought clairvoyants see dead people, you are partially right. There is a type of clairvoyant, aka clairvoyant mediums, who specialize in communing with the deceased.  It is a strong human desire to know whether or not deceased loved ones are in a happy place.

Some assist the police in finding missing people and/or see clues around crime scenes.  Clairvoyants can also aid in the recovery of lost objects or pets.

Many, many clairvoyant psychics perform online readings through these portals. Although they do not need helping tools, some clairvoyants work with Tarot cards to enhance your readings. 

Your clairvoyant can pick up images, symbols, colors, etc. relating to the now where you may need to work on closure or make difficult choices. In the process of connecting with your present energy, a clairvoyant can see future opportunities and obstacles.

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