Clairvoyance Test

3 easy ways to carry out your own Simple Clairvoyance Test. Have you ever wished for an easy way to determine if you are clairvoyant? Have you ever tried some of those online computerized tests, only to end up more confused? What if I could show you practical ways to find out if you are blessed with the gift of clairvoyance?

Here is how I see it:

  • Some people are born with highly developed psychic powers in the areas of clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience.
  • Others work to develop their psychic ability.
  • Still others don’t care or don’t want anything to do with the world of metaphysical phenomena. 

You are likely one of those who want to develop your psychic capabilities. So, let’s look at three easy, practical ways to test your current level of clairvoyance.

There or no rules, grades or diplomas for successful completion of these tests. Several are best accomplished with the help of a friend, who is interested in the metaphysical arts.

3 Versions of an Easy Clairvoyance Test

Easy Clairvoyance Test

Zener Cards -  This deck of 25 cards originated with Karl Zener, Psychologist. Zener, along with his associate J.B. Rhine, parapsychologist, developed cards with symbols – 3 wavy lines, circle, 5-pointed star, square and plus sign -  to administer tests for ESP, principally clairvoyance.

Order Zener cards online (also known as ESP Cards)or make yourself a personalized deck from white cardstock. To create individual cards, draw each symbol on 5 different pieces of cardstock until you have 25 cards. 

The Zener Test – You and your friend can take turns testing each other for clairvoyance. The sender picks a card from the pack at random and creatively visualizes the symbol. The receiver, closes her eyes and waits for a mental vision to occur.

Keep records of number of attempts vs correct answers.

Psychic Test Auras

The Aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding a living entity. Each auric color represents the individual’s current mental, spiritual and emotional state and more.

Have your partner stand in front of a white background. Stare at the center of her forehead. At first, you may just see a white glow surrounding her body. With practice, you may start seeing colored, interwoven rings of light.

Record your progress.

Psychic Dreams Test

Precognitive Dreams are dreams that predict future events. Predictions range from good or bad to death dreams. Death dreams about loved ones are common.

Some people have reported dreaming every detail of their ideal mate as long as 10 years before they connected with each other!

In clairvoyant dreams, the dreamer forms a psychic attachment with global events. For instance, you might have a detailed dream of being carried away by flood waters and wake up to find a disastrous tsunami had hit Japan.

Keep a dream journal.

My Verdict:

These are excellent clairvoyance tests to determine if you are psychic. Be mindful, in all instances you must see (in your mind's eye) images, symbols, colors, etc. Otherwise, if you ‘just know’ the outcome, you are likely clairsentient.

Excellent training for clairvoyance can be found in the Silva Ultramind Home Study Course

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