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Insights from the Fool Tarot Card Meanings can be found when you look deeply. The Fool is the starting point of the Tarot’s Journey. It is numbered 0 (Zero) being connected to the idea of a Quantum Leap from non-existence to being. It represents Consciousness taking form. It also stands for birth with all its facets: from actual coming out of the womb to the Big Bang. But, in the most specific and useful sense for the adept Tarot reader or enthusiast, the Fool can be considered the starting point of a journey of self-discovery. 

In a reading the Fool can represent you (as the querent), someone in your life, a general energy or all of these at the same time. But because it is tempting for people to project greatly and give away their responsibility to others, it is always safer to presume that the cards are talking, first and foremost about you. 

When you get the Fool in a reading, you are, somehow starting a new journey or endeavor. At this beginning, the you can be seen just like a new baby, in a way. Glowing with energy, resources and promise. The beginning holds no concrete expectations, goals or a form. All of these remain to be shaped, discovered and experienced along the path. According to medieval tradition, the Fool is not lacking in intellect. He is just a being outside of social norm; an eccentric considered somehow insane by the rest of the community. He roams the world without a concrete plan. He takes every day as it comes and lives life as he pleases. He doesn’t own much other than what he carries in his heart: a longing to learn, discover and complete his, yet unknown, quest. 

Fool Tarot Card MeaningsSome of my own well used Fool Tarot Cards

The Fool is brave and carefree, just like a child. He doesn’t yet know about the dual nature of reality. He is unaware of the darkness, the struggles, the hardship and the dangers that lie ahead. This is the energy and arrogance of youth that is both necessary and protected by the Universe. The Fool, is protected by the forces around him because his heart is light and pure. Also, he had the childlike ability to see everything while being amazed by the greatness of Creation. 

The querent can, at this point of time, enjoy doing whatever he or she feels inspired to (as long as it is moral and safe according to personal definition). This is not a time for careful planning, setting goals or acting in a conservative manner. The querent shouldn’t worry too much. He or she should enjoy the opportunity to simply be free! 

Finding meaning in the tarot fool. Here is a short insight I had when doing a free Facebook Psychic Card reading recently. 

0 - The Fool - Tarot Keyword = Begin

"I’m hearing music, I’m feeling the wind at your back gently edging you forward, I’m sensing the sun shining on your path. Be adventurous, don’t make too many plans, step onto the first stepping stone you see, even though you do not understand where it leads. Dare to let spirit guide you".

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Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher who specializes in helping others recognize that we are all endowed with a sixth sense that we can count on. Sonia has produced a deck of Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards designed to accelerate personal empowerment and spiritual growth. The Fool Tarot Card Meanings are universal archetypes of our witness self, the eternally objective Divine voice who resides within all of us. He observes and comments on our lives as we journey through the human experience, pointing out what we sometimes refuse to acknowledge. He helps us recognise the folly of living from the ego's limitations when we're meant to live as Divine creative beings. Click here to read more about The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards

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