Free Oracle Card Reading | Facebook Spread 21

Here are the results of my Free Oracle Card Reading on Facebook for Spread 21

If you have found this page without Facebook and not picked a card yet it is not too late!

  • Focus on the image below, 
  • think of your question, 
  • project the question into the crystal ball, 
  • notice which of the five cards you are attracted to first, 
  • scroll down and read your answer below. 

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Free Oracle Card Reading | Facebook Spread 21

Have you relaxed and glanced over the cards in the photo?

Did you think of your question while focusing upon the Crystal Ball?

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Free Oracle Card Reading | Facebook Spread 21 Results

Card 1 Keyword = Letting Go

  • One way or another it is time to loosen the grip and let go. This can be a gentle release that will be providing a kindness to some-one or some-thing. Clinging on will not really change things, it will just put the transformation out of sync. Best go with the flow to set yourself up for pleasant surprises. If this saddens you, know that there is a silver lining to your cloud.

Card 2 Keyword = Abundance

  • Dare to be successful. You sit with the necessary wisdom and you will find the necessary resources. Perfect timing wraps itself around you. All you really need to do is expose your heart-felt will upon the world. But be aware that this perfect timing waits for none. The winds of change will gently move the opportunity into alignment with another if you choose to let it slip by you.

Card 3 Keyword = Sharing

  • You will have much to be grateful for. Magically, everything around you will come together. You do not have to venture away or stretch your resources. Just relax and accept it all with an open heart. To keep the good flowing allow the energy to pass through you. Share what you can when you can. The more you do, the greater the flow increases.

Card 4 Keyword = Pure Potential

  • It is quite possible you feel stuck in the middle of something. You are not stuck, just perfectly placed for what is about to happen next. Enjoy the nothingness that surrounds you. The invisible, the solutions or wishes that you just cannot see, is pure potential about to become apparent. Let go of any struggle, focus on what you want to be. It will be!

Card 5 Keyword = Friendliness

  • In love and relationships stay grounded to yourself to be rewarded with most endearment. You may be tempted to lose your identity to be with the one you want. That will work – you WILL lose yourself. When you can shine your true color, express your true light, you will really flourish and grow. Take the test, is this friendship lifting you or cutting you down a size? Be nice about it and choose lift.

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